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Swaggie Puppies

One thing I love about JB is the boy’s style! He’s like bad boy wanna be meets red carpet. And I love his bandanna game, I love it so much that I like to make sure Pharrell has one on almost every time we go on an outing! 

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New Puppy Must Haves

My life is 80% contemplating whether to get another dog or not. Sometimes when I get really weak, I just drag myself to SOHO and do a little shopping to try and get rid of the bug. That was  working until about 5 days ago. 

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Gifts for Dog Moms!

Calling all dog moms! Whether it is a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or a “just because”gift. For anyone that is obsessed with their pup (which is most likely everyone reading this) a gift that incorporates our favorite four legged best friends is exactly what we want! 

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