Just three best friends who moved miles apart, all across the country, only to find their love of dogs would keep them together! 

We never knew our crazed dog obsession would lead to this fun and exciting blog life that we have now. We all believe that dogs are the source of pure happiness and with that happiness comes crazy adventures, fun, chaos and even a little bit of  fashion! This blog is more than just a hobby to us gals, it has come to be the key to this crazy dog mom life and we are so excited for you to join us on the ride!


East Coast Blogger

I am a born and raised Texas girl at heart, living out my dreams out here in NYC. Ever since I was little I would tell my mom that one day I was going to live here, and sometimes when I’m on the subway or walking down 5th Ave, I still feel like that little girl just living in a dream. I love margaritas, s’mores, Henri Bendel, The Backstreet Boys and anything about dogs. I live in the upper east side, and have a totally hot boyfriend aka “puppy baby daddy” who is a DJ here in the city. I am in the fashion industry here, but my true passion is anything and everything dogs. I have always wished that I was strong enough to work at a shelter or something where I could help pups on a daily basis, but the truth is I wouldn’t make it a day or I would come home everyday with a new dog. And I’m not sure how my boyfriend would feel about that. So being able to blog about my love of dogs makes my heart smile. I am so excited to be apart of something like this with two of my best friends where we can share are love and passion for everything and anything pups with all the other girly dog moms out there! Sorry but there will be no #OOTD here, but we promise to give you so much more!

West Coast Blogger

I enjoy Sunday naps, laughing with my husband, eating breakfast, and loving on Abbie and Gunner. (Not necessarily in that order!) Abigail and Gunner will forever be my first children. My husband, Sean, and I are just like you pet parents - our pups drive us freaking insane at times but we love them to the moon and back and wouldn't ever trade them for the world. This whole pet pawrent thing is a roller coaster ride - one minute you're super proud of your pup for learning a new trick and the next minute they're pooping on your Crate & Barrel rug! (Cough. GUNNER. Cough.) I’m so excited to share our journey with you and hear about yours as well! The reason I decided to be a part of this blog wasn't because of the love I have for my dogs (which is A LOT) but I wanted to connect with people with that same love, all across the world! What better way to connect with people than to experience things together and connect with one another on a personal level?! I look forward to writing for Gal’s Best Friend, but I’m more excited to read your comments and get to know each and every one of you and your pups!


South Blogger

I am a born and raised Texas girl, who’s obsessed with animals, coffee, and now… blogging! On top of all of that, I am also a first grade teacher. However, the countless and hilarious kid stories will have to be shared elsewhere, because although I love my job, my biggest passion in life is animals!  I’ve loved animals, dogs in particular, ever since I can remember… sometimes more than people. “I just want to drink coffee and save the animals,” is my motto! And trust me… I have gone to EXTREME lengths to try and “save” animals. Between stray dogs, abandoned dogs and shelter dogs, (and the occasional cat) I’ve tried to help them all. However, I’ve come to learn, that my biggest goal can’t be to save every animal. Instead, to simply try and spread the love of animals to the world. If I can warm even just one person’s heart to the amazing companionship of an animal, then that’s one less homeless pup. Dogs are incredible and it is so exciting to finally be able to express my craziness about dogs and well… not seem so crazy!