Dog Friendly Over The Counter Meds

There is nothing scarier than when Drake is sick. I hate that he can’t just explain to me what hurts. Wouldn’t life be so much easier if dogs could speak?! But instead, I have to play guessing games trying to pinpoint the cause of his diarrhea, vomit, or the dreaded double whammy combination. Then, on top of all that, it usually happens at the worst possible time… in the middle of the night, right before work, or maybe, if you’re lucky, right before everyone arrives for your dad’s surprise birthday party (not that this has ever happened to me…)


BUT- regardless, you want to be able to help your pooch as best as you can until you’re able to contact the vet.  And unless you're dog mom of the year, you probably don’t have a plethora of medicine for dogs just lying around your house. Luckily, you’ll be happy to learn that their are actually a number of human meds that are safe for your pup. Used in moderation and of course, with the consent and direction from your vet, there are many remedies in your bathroom and even your kitchen cabinet that can be helpful for fido.


Benadryl and Claritin

My saving grace for myself is now something I can use for my pup. Depending on the size of your dog you will need to adjust your dosage accordingly, but for Drake (who is 30 lbs) I give him a half of a tablet whenever his allergies are going crazy. These two antihistamines are simplistic and effective for common allergies and even hives. This is great tool to use before bedtime to help calm and aide your itchy pooch to sleep more soundly.

It is important to take into consideration what other drugs your dog is currently taking. Since Benadryl does cause drowsiness, a pup who is already on medication may experience more intense sleep effects. In addition, always consult your veterinarian and never leave your dog unattended after consuming any new supplement.


Hydrogen Peroxide
I’ve recently learned a lot in regards to the relationship between hydrogen peroxide and your pet! I initially assumed I could apply it to any superficial cut. HOWEVER, after researching, I found that cleaning your dog’s wound with peroxide can actually damage their skin cells! Crazy, right? Anyways- diving into this phenomom of mine even further, I was, in fact, able to find a use for hydrogen peroxide! In many cases, people have used it to induce vomiting in EXTREME emergencies. I encourage you to research this further if a situation arises. But, upon the instance where your dog swallows something dangerous, like antifreeze or poison, 10ml of hydrogen peroxide can be given orally, in 15 minute intervals (no more than 3 doses), to your dog to initiate vomiting… ultimately  buying you time to get to your ER vet.


Canned Pumpkin
Say goodbye to runny poop! (Sorry- us #dogmoms are NOT shy when it comes to poop conversations.) Pureed pumpkin is the easiest and ultimate life saver for any digestion issues your pup may be having. Relieving diarrhea and easing constipation, this is the most delicious solution to an upset tummy. The only important thing to note here, is to ensure that your can is 100% pumpkin, NOT pie filling!


Bottom line… Save time AND money whenever you can.