Bark Stories


Last week we had the chance to shoot for a project with an out of this world photographer! Amit has such a calm about him that when he is shooting you don’t even feel like he is there. He has also done some amazing work for both the Israeli Army and a really fun project for The New Yorker on The Life of A Great Dane In NYC! When he came over he pulled out a REAL camera and started loading the film. I was automatically blown away and so excited to get started (also extremely nervous since he can only get so many shots with film). To say I was blown away with the outcome is an understatement! Amit, is starting a new project called Bark Stories… I will let him tell you a little bit more about how he got started and why he started Bark Stories.

How did you get started in photography?

I discovered photography through a high school photo contest, which made me discover Instagram. At that time, Instagram was used only by amateur photographers, and it opened a gate for me.

What drew you to photographing dogs and their people?

I graduated from the School of International Center of Photography in New York last year.

Part of the studies there was to create a long term project. I have two small dogs in my hometown in Israel, and I wondered what it would look like to own the largest dog in the world in a relatively small NYC apartment. So I started documenting @the.hendrix.experience over the course of a year.

What is Bark Stories?

Bark Stories is a new concept that I’m currently developing. After my first project, some people have been asking me to enter into their lives for a few hours and photograph them with their loved ones.

There is something really interesting in the way people are opening up when they are near their dogs. They share stories, laugh and feel comfortable with the presence of the camera.

I love portraiture and documentary photography, so this is a way for me to hear different stories and document candid moments. And the presence of dogs make things so much more fun and interesting.

What do you shoot on?

For Bark Stories, I only use analog film equipment. Which means I then have to develop and scan everything. It takes much more time then digital photography, but definitely worth the hustle.

Any advice for people shooting dogs?

I think that when people realize that their dog is also part of their own personality, they are able to capture candid and thoughtful moments. There is a thin line between capturing just the “cuteness” of dogs and their real, particular characteristics.

If you live in NYC and would like to get in contact with this amazing photographer, you can reach out to him at