Blooming Culture- Using CBD Oil to Better Your Pet's Life


When we first began fostering Pippa, we knew that we had a long road ahead of us. Although her pelvic bone was broken, this was almost the least of our concerns. We were falling in love with Pippa and she was slowly warming up to Drake (our first dog), however- new people, new dogs, game over.

The barking was constant, if a new person in our home would so much as cough, she would LOSE it. Long story short, this obviously led us to have hesitations about adopting her. It was difficult to imagine having a dog that we couldn’t take anywhere OR have anyone come into our home without intense barking.

Now, I will say after months with us and gaining trust- she did become more comfortable with certain situations, encountering a dog while on a walk, being around our close friends and family. BUT- it was still a struggle with the new.

Recently I happen to be doing some research to help out my friend whose pup has bad seizures. CBD continued to come up in the results. After some digging, we learned that it actually has MANY benefits for pets, including helping scared or nervous animals deal with new situations (AKA- Pippa). We began talking to many others in the dog community and found nothing but amazing reviews and testimonies. I knew I had to give it a shot for Pippa.

Culture – the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, & practices that characterizes an organization

Now for the good stuff…. BLOOMING CULTURE.

This is the Bentley of CBD oil y’all.


This organic company was built by a woman who was suffering from fibromyalgia. Her unsuccessful journey for pain relief led her to begin searching within holistic medicine, which ultimately led her to CBD.

Once Andreana learned about the values of CBD, she began to build a product that, although most people were still VERY skeptical about, could trust. She traveled all over the USA to ensure that every single ingredient she used, was pure and that quality was never compromised.

It took over a year to find a company that had not only expert knowledge about cannabidiol but equal values to the vision and purpose she envisioned for Blooming Culture.

The cannabidiol we use is organically grown on a Colorado farm (that I visited) and licensed by the Department of Agriculture. The SunButter is organic and made from seeds grown in North Dakota, not China – with no added sugar or salt. Our cranberries are unsweetened and sourced from a farm in Wisconsin. Some of our topical ingredients are globally sourced only because they are unable to grow here.  But, they are fairly traded or sustainable and we consider them to be premium grade and non-toxic yet effective. - Andreana

Getting this sort of RAW information about every tiny ingredient is so rare. As a dog mom, I want to ensure a thousand times over that whatever I have chosen to give my pups, is something I can depend on. Blooming Culture provides proof and welcomes any questions.

What is CBD oil?

No, NOT marijuana. CBD, code for cannabidiol, is a natural occurring compound that is found within a cannabis plant. CBD has no euphoric effects and will NOT “get your dog high!”

Here are a few important facts, straight from Blooming Culture’s website:

Your pet's endocannabinoid system is made up of special receptors that can interact with CBD. There are two types of receptors within the endocannabinoid system, CB1 and CB2.

    • CB1 receptors are concentrated near the brain and the central nervous system.

      • Brain

      • Muscles

      • Reproductive organs

      • Lungs

    • CB2 receptors live within body's immune system and peripheral organs.  

      • Bones

      • Skin

      • Spleen


Giving Back

If I didn’t have enough reason to be obsessed with this company, then I do now. Blooming Culture speaks to my heart, they understand how crucial it is to support the organizations that rescue dogs from an unruly fate. Therefore, when you purchase any of their CBD products, they give back to non-profit rescue groups and organizations. Click here to learn more!


Pippa’s Testimony

Seeing Pippa’s growth with the support of Blooming Culture’s CBD oil has been jaw dropping. Is it a cure? No. But her ability to calm down and adjust to a new situation has increased tremendously. She has started taking naps when people are over and although she definitely notices when someone moves around, she hardly ever has an actual “freak out.”  I’ve been so excited about her results that I’ve started giving it to Drake, who has high anxiety whenever we are gone.

Blooming Culture has one goal – to better your pet’s wellbeing and add value to yours.

Check them out today to make a difference in your dog’s life.