The Custom Tote For Every Dog Mom by Design My Dog

Have ever looked around your house and thought, “Wow, I really am crazy” when you saw all of your dog's things or all of the things you have with your dog's face on it? Yup, us too! But, we are totally okay with it and we hope that never changes!

I mean, some people have photos of their kids everywhere right? So what's the difference in having your pupper everywhere? The answer is “nothing”! We spend our days looking for the best companies that will let us showcase our furry offspring!

One late night while just scrolling the IG feed, I ran across the company Design My Dog, and I was automatically in love with everything they are doing! They basically take a photo of your pup, turn it into art, and THEN they put it on anything you want! That’s right, anything and everything from a pillow, to a tote, to mug or even a blanket!

We gals all got a tote with one of our babes on it, and they are amazing! I take mine anywhere from the gym, to the airport, on the subway, or just to the dog park,  and I get at least five people who say, “OMG, I love that! Where is it from?!” every single time. If you are looking for a gift for a fellow dog mom or a “just because” gift for yourself, then make sure that you check out Design My Dog today!