Dig - The Dog Person's Dating App

You’re here! That means you’re a dog lover like the rest of us. Maybe you have a dog or a few dogs that your world revolves around! But maybe you’re one of the unlucky ones whose landlord won’t allow her to have animals (screw him, am I right?) and you long for the cuddles and companionship of a furry friend.

So, like any sane dog lover would do, you linger near the dog park fences hoping to save a dog from heartache as his tennis ball nears death in the busy city streets. You live to watch the excitement return to the pup’s eyes whose ball you saved! Or maybe you repeatedly offer to dog-sit while your friends are out of town even though they don’t have any vacation plans within the next 12 months. But you’re persistent and ask them to vacay soon so you can spend back-to-back days with their fur child. And most likely, you scan every dating app available in the app store, searching for photos of potential matches but most don’t show a trace of having a fur baby! So, are they really even potential lovers? NO!

If you’re lucky enough to call a pup your own, you know that things never work out with a guy who isn’t into your dog as much as you are (buh-bye!), so we bring to you DIG! The dating app for dog people. Because there’s really no other option!

Dig connects dog lovers based on what’s most important to them. Um, hello? Our DOGS are the most important thing to us! But that is precisely why they made this app! You can search their app for a potential boyfriend! Let’s be serious, these dog lovers will be husband material! But what you’re really searching for is pictures of and a four-legged furry companion for every hour of the day. THIS is true love, ladies! So, no more swiping left to endless dog-pictureless losers. Dig is the future and we’re here to take you there! Find someone you dig. Download the app now! And delete all the others because you “need” them no more!

Dig offers special features, such as: Daily Deals, Places We Dig, and Tips/Tricks of The Day!


Daily Deals

Grass to pee on inside! Funky dog tags and funny costumes! Grooming services that come to you! Volunteer opportunities! Learn about products and businesses that you and your pup will love.

Places We Dig

Suggest a perfect dog-friendly date! When you’re talking to your match - check out the dog-friendly locations feature. It’ll show you parks, bars, restaurants, and other places to bring your dog near you.

Tip/Trick of The Day

Can dogs eat avocados? When is the new dog park opening? Keep your push notifications turned on to get the best tips and tricks from local vets, trainers, and more!


You’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places. Dig has brought the truest of love to you in app form. Find your future husband AND the best furry cuddler around. Download the app today and cuddle with a hot guy and precious pup tomorrow.

Do you know what makes Dig even cooler? The bad ass dog moms of Dig have made Dog Mom Day an official thing!!! Yep, that's right! The second Saturday in May is now just for us Puppy Baby Mamas! They are hosting the first Dog Mom Day event this year in New York City so check out our event page here for all the deets and to purchase tickets! We will be there helping them celebrate!

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Note: You must be 18 years or older to use the Dig app. Photos may not contain pictures of children under the age of 18 without an accompanying adult. Your face must be discernible in the photos. And no pornographic material may be posted

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