May Brought All The Flowers

Spring is here and in full blossom! What better way to enjoy this beautiful weather than to take your pup out with a bandana that obviously matches your outfit for some springtime photos for the gram! One of our favorite things about this time of year is seeing all the gorgeous photos of our favorite Puppy Baby Mamas with their fur-babies flocking in the springtime glory!

Cherry Blossoms are a New York City must! One of our all time favorite photographers like, the best EVER is Natalie Siebers! Our NYC Gal, the pups and Natalie made sure to take advantage of the Central Park spring time this year! If you are in New York and you want some amazing photos of your pup and some together, than Natalie is your gal! She has away of just connecting with you and dog and pulling out all the feels!

Tulips, might be some of our favorite flowers and our friend from Honey I Dressed the Pug traveled to West Coast to get some epic shots!

Texas Gals FURever! Bluebonnet photos are a MUST anywhere in Texas, like are you really a Texan if you don’t have photos with your dog in a filed of blue goodness! Our go to gal in Dallas for photos is the one and only Angie of Dallas Paws!

Daisys. Just the name makes us happy! This bright yellow flower makes every photo pop and well makes your pup look even cuter … and well, thats really hard to do!

Can someone please pick me up, load the all the dogs up and move us to France? That way we could be surround by fields of lavender every singe day! We found some amazing photos on world wide web of some dogs living OUR best life!

If a sunflower doesn’t bring a smile to your face, then frankly we don’t know what will! There is nothing better than a flower that is 5ft tall and smells live heaven! Just add a puppy in the mix and you are good to go!

What are your favorite flowers to get photos of with your fur-baby?