The Groomery by Petsmart

Calling all of my New York City dog moms! You know that moment when you are being the best mom ever and you take your dog to Central Park for hours of fetch, walks and rolling around in the grass, dirt and mud? Then as soon as you get back home, realize your perfect fur-baby looks and smells like the homeless man on 76th and Lex? Then you have to force him into your shoebox of a so called bathroom, hair gets stuck in the drain, you are a COMPLETE mess, there is soap and water everywhere, and then they do the “shake” and all of your toilet paper is now ruined? Yea, that moment. And don’t let me forget about them running around you 600 sqf apartment getting everything they passed soaked! But, hey, they had a good day right? And after you sit down after cleaning the cleaning sesh with you glass of wine, you tell yourself never again. Until two days later when they give you that look to go back to the park…. Y’all, I get it! You have to take them, and then you have to clean them all over again if they are anything like my pups! Now let’s enter Petsmart!

We all know Petsmart as the place of all things dog. You go here for your food, your toys, your halloween needs and everything in-between. We sometime forget about the grooming spa they have at the stores as well, and every time I am in that moment of madness, sticking my hand in the drain getting all the dog hair out I think to myself, WHY, WHY did you just not take them! And I know that in my mind the reason is that cash money! As much as I have to wash my pups, taking them to the groomer every time would cut into my Chanel bag fund, and well, I love my dogs, BUT…. well just but.

Petsmart just made all my dog mom dreams come true with their new concept store called Groomery by Petsmart! They just opened their first store in the Upper West Side of New York City at 92ed and Columbus. Wait for it y’all, they have self-wash stations!!! That’s right. SELF WASHING stations that are not  in your small AF apartment bathroom with you old pre-war pipes that always seem to get clogged! You just walk your pup right in, sign in and head to the self-washing. They have everything you need, a HUGE tub, different kinds of shampoos and conditioners, aprons for the humans, and a dryer! Y’all this place is everything and more. The best part about this is that it only cost $10 for 30 mins! Yup, that’s cheaper than a good margarita on happy hour at Dos Caminos!

The Groomery also has a full grooming spa, with the professionals doing the real grooming, like hair cuts, trims, teeth, de-shedding and nails! So whether you are running low on the cash and want to do it yourself, or its pay day and time to treat the kids, they have everything!

They have 2 locations open now one in  Oak Park, Illinois and one in the Upper West Side! With more locations coming soon! If you are in Illinois or NYC make sure you do yourself a favor and check The Groomery out!