Living Healthier Together with Nulo


I don’t think I’m happier than I am when I’m active and healthy. That means I’m up and moving often and eating well. Don’t you feel the same way?! Our dogs feel that way too! They need to be physically healthy by getting ample exercise for their breed and they need to be physically healthy by eating nutritious food for their species as well! That’s why we’ve fallen in love with Nulo and made the switch to their amazing products.

If you have ever taken a science class then you know that animal-based proteins help build muscle. Dogs are meant to eat meat! Nulo offers high-meat foods that are low in carbs and they use low-glycemic ingredients so your dog can maintain a healthy weight! Far too often do we see overweight dogs in the world. Not only is it bad for their health, but it’s bad for their joints, muscles, and bones.

Nulo adds a strain of probiotics Ganeden BC30, which is the first probiotic proven to survive the cooking process due to its ability to form a protective spore that keeps it safe during processing, storage, and extreme environments of your pet’s stomach. Probiotics boost immunity, improves digestion and absorption of nutrients, and reduces gas/stool issues. They use real food in their ingredients to make sure your dog is receiving wholesome benefits to fuel their inner athlete! The Nulo team knows that our pets’ health is a way of life. That is why their formulas contain everything our doggos need and nothing our doggos don’t need.

We’re going to break down our favorite items that Nulo offers to our precious pups (in no specific order)!



Nulo’s kibble is high in animal-based protein. Why is this important? Because meat should be the number one ingredient in your dog’s food! Dogs have descended from wolves and they need that meat to fuel their energy and keep them healthy, inside and out. Nulo’s formula helps build muscle to keep our dogs physically and mentally (because the brain is a muscle too!) strong. Their nutritious ingredients help support immune health and healthy digestion thanks to the patented probiotics. AND it’s delicious, according to the doggos of Gal’s Best Friend. Seriously… they’re in love with it!

If your dog doesn’t do well with grain, don’t worry! Nulo has grain-free options for you. kibble is grain-free, tapioca-free, and white potato-free. Nulo’s high-meat kibble is a protein-rich food with the first 3-4 ingredients being proteins from animals! It is low carb and low-glycemic ingredients to provide stable energy levels. Nulo doesn't include allergy-triggering grains, soy, fake additives, colors, or flavors. According to Drake and Pippa, the Turkey and Sweet Potato Recipe are easy on sensitive tummies!

If your dog has other sensitivities, Nulo has a kibble for you too.



Nulo’s limited ingredient kibble has many, if not all, of the same benefits of their high-meat kibble but it’s specially formulated for doggos that prefer a simplified diet. These recipes are made with a single animal protein source (with poultry and fish options!) and offer a simpler ingredients list”. Also, the MedalSeries LID recipes do include peas and/or pea fiber – the pea-free claims only apply to FS Limited+. This formula still helps build muscle to keep our dogs physically and mentally strong. Just like the other high-meat kibbles they offer, the limited ingredient kibble supports immune health and healthy digestion because it also contains the patented GanedenBC³⁰ probiotics. Guaranteed.



I bet your dog’s mouth is already watering and you didn’t even read that out loud. This is a nutritious and deeeelicious alternative to fresh and frozen forms of raw food. It’s super convenient to feed, fantastic for DIYs, and it’s especially safe for households who have toddlers that like to touch and get into everything they’re not supposed to! What’s also really awesome is that Nulo’s freeze-dried dog food also includes the GanedenBC³⁰ probiotic which is guaranteed viable in your dog’s body.

Nulo’s Freestyle freeze-dried raw formula is 100% complete and balanced for ALL life stages and breeds of dogs. Freeze-dried raw for Dobies! Freeze-dried raw for Goldens! Freeze-dried raw for Pointers! Freeze-dried raw for Yorkies! Freeze-dried raw for eeeevery breed out there! If I could be paid in Nulo freeze-dried raw dog food, I totally would. (Y’all think I’m kidding, but I’m not!) I like to add this to Abbie and Gunner’s Freestyle kibble on Sundays just to make them a little more special. They go wild for the Duck and Pear Recipe.



Okay, y’all. Our dogs loooove them some good bone broth! We’ve tried so many companies because we love using bone broth during the summer for extra hydration AND we use bone broth all the time for homemade treats! Y’aaaall. I have never seen Abbie and Gunner drink up another brand of bone broth as fast as I’ve seen them drink up Nulo’s bone broth! AND it’s not stinky! Have you ever opened certain brands of bone broth and the odor immediately punches your nostrils?! Like… the smell is literally offensive. Not with Nulo! Even the salmon is super tolerable! Okay, okay. Back to being informative. Nulo’s bone broth is slowly simmered for up to 48 hours! This what they’re able to extract the nourishing protein and infuse it with nutritious and delicious herbs and spices! Their bone broth is made with 100% human-grade ingredients and made in a human food facility. Nulo’s bone broth is totally worthy of our dogs.



These 6-ingredient or less food pouches are super great for traveling, hiking, DIYs, and just an extra flavor boost in your dog’s daily food! Meat, veggies, bone broth… What else could a pup want?! These 2.8 ounce pouches pack a lot of protein that supports lean muscles and healthy body conditions. There are no gums, tapioca or potato starch, grains, or other additives. If you have a long day planned in the city, a 10-mile hike in the mountains, or whatever it may be, pack a couple of these bad boys in your bag!



These are also really great when you’re on the go! Just grab them, shove them in your bag, and go do the dang thing! Like, hit up the local dog park with your fur babies. Each stick is 80% meat (salmon, turkey, or chicken depending on your dog’s flavor of choice) which means they’re high in protein to give your dog substantial energy for the day ahead of you. These convenient protein sticks support your pupper’s digestive tract, a healthy immune system, and they are very easy to break into small pieces for smaller dogs. If you want all the dogs to love you at the dog park… bring Nulo’s protein sticks. You’ll be a big hit with ALL the dogs!



Last, but certainly not least, Nulo’s jerky strips. Ohhh, man! These are soft, delectable, and meaty! Just the way your dog likes it! This is the first functional jerky treat that contains viable GanedenBC³⁰ probiotics for maximum benefits for your fur babe. There is no salt added. There is no sugar added. And there is no can molasses added. CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE YOU FIND THESE INGREDIENTS IN OTHER JERKY TREATS?!! Our dogs do NOT need those ingredients!

You know how slow-cooked meat is always so tender? Like, fall off the bone tender? Well, I think that’s why our dogs went cray cray for these jerky strips. Nulo slow-cooks their jerky strips in a natural smokehouse to offer our dogs an irresistible flavor. What is that haunting aroma? Nulo jerky strips. Choose from Salmon and Strawberry, Chicken and Apples, Beef and Coconut, Turkey and Cranberry, and Duck with Plum. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone that you just drooled a little.

Now that you’ve read about some of our favorite items provided by Nulo, we want you to get to know them a little better and why their motto is “Healthier Together”.


It all started with Max; a Black Lab who loved hiking, playing fetch, and spending time with his best friend and Nulo founder, Michael Landa. As a former athlete, Michael is always up for a challenge. When he couldn’t find the right dog sitter for Max, Michael left his corporate job and decided to start his own pet care business. #StayAtHomeDogDad! In the process of starting his pet care business, Michael discovered an alarming trend: an increase in overweight pets and in the administration of at-home insulin shots for diabetic dogs. (YIKES! So sad.) So, he investigated further. He learned that pet foods were filled with empty calories from filler ingredients like carbohydrates. Did you know that most major brands contain more than 40% carb fillers?! Meaning that meat wasn’t the main ingredient. The meat proteins were just “supported” by high levels of plant-based proteins… That just won’t do for carnivores! Remember? Dogs descended from wolves, people! They need meat! And Michael knew that this was unacceptable for Max and every other pet out there!

Because of this alarming fact, Michael founded Nulo. With the help of leading animal nutritionists, veterinarians, and food formulators, he created recipes made with great sources of animal-based proteins that were lower in carbs and that used low-glycemic ingredients to promote healthy body condition and stable energy. All thoughtfully sourced and approved by Nulo’s chief tasting officer, Max.

Today, Nulo’s going strong in Austin, Texas. (Shout out to our Texas dog moms!) They have expanded their product line to include dozens of recipes, continuing to challenge themselves — and their tribe of pet parents — to nourish the healthiest and happiest pets around. After all, their pets and our pets are why they do what they do. Owners bring out the best in their dogs, and dogs bring out the best in us owners.


Nulo is raising their dog bowls to raising the bar. From their carefully selected ingredients — like protein-rich turkey, lamb, salmon and duck — to their grain-free, low-glycemic carb sources like lentils, chickpeas, and sweet potatoes, they approach pet food the way they approach everything: no shortcuts allowed.

There’s only one thing that makes them happier than making super nutritious pet food. And that is seeing stories of the relationships they’ve fueled. So share your story with us! Share your story with Nulo! Share your story with the world!

Nulo knows that our dogs are more than our pets. They’re our personal trainers. Our fellow yogis. Our biggest cheerleaders. The bond between dog and dog mom is incredible, special, and each one is unique. That is why they want us to all live healthier together.

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If you need help choosing your new favorite products, head to their website to learn more. Once decided, find a store near you or have Nulo items delivered to you by Chewy!