The Best Gift For Every Dog Mom, Mister Krisp!


To say, “I have a sweet tooth” doesn’t even BEGIN to do it justice. Like, I am surprised I don't have a mouthful of cavities by now!!! When I was laying in bed one night, surrounded by Pharrell, Rosie and Rumba, eating some kinda s’mores treat from Trader Joes, and scrolling Instagram... I almost lost it when I came across Mister Krisp’s page. This bad ass dog mom of a woman makes everything and anything out of rice krispy treats… including DOGS! That’s right, she makes your dog into a rice krispy treat that you can eat… and it is de-lic-ious. She so kindly made a larger than life edible portrait of the one and only Pharrell Rose. So, there I was in my cab, leaving Union Square with my little piece of heavenly goodness, and I peeked inside the box and almost lost my S*%^! It was more than I could have every imagined… after taking about 34382 photos of it, I dug right in and it tasted better than it looked! Jessica, the mastermind behind this AMAZING woman-led company, answered a few questions for us about her and her business! Continue reading to dig in to her answers!

How did you get started?

I don't know how to cook, and the only thing I know how to make is Rice Krispies Treats. In December 2012 I was invited to a potluck and through a series of events, started experimenting with adding food coloring to the treats. I made a cheeseburger out of treats, posted it on Instagram, and the rest is history!

Where does your love for dogs come from?

I grew up with Wheaten Terriers, and my parents and sister & brother-in-law each have a dog now. Dogs are my favorite people! My parents' dog, Posey, is a Golden Retriever, and my sister and brother-in-law's dog, Dusty, is a rescue mix. They are best friends and love running on the beach together in the summer.

What's next for Mister Krisp?

I'm working on creating more video content for my feed in the coming months!

If you live in the New York area and have a birthday coming up (hooman or dog) and need sweets (which every party HAS to have)… or if you want to surprise a dog mom in your life… or if you just want to spoil yourself then PLEASE check out Mister Krisp! She has created something so incredibly special and fun for everyone to enjoy! Well… maybe just us humans this time. Sorry doggos!

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