Puppy Baby Mama- Margarita

It’s Wednesday and that means it's time for another badass dog mom for you to be obsessed with! This week we are crushing all over PBM Margarita and her pups, Marvin and Margarita. YEP! That’s right! She has a pup with the same name! HOW CUTE IS THAT!! They are all from the Czech Republic but are also some major jet-setters. This stylish trio is giving us all the goals, both on Instagram and just in life. What attracted us gals to them was their amazing style on Instagram. It just draws you in from the second you hit their page! Make sure to follow them along here! You can also learn more about them and follow along on their blog! Check out Margarita’s answers to questions we were all dying to know below!


How did you and your pup find each other?

It was my husband who comes with the idea to take a dog. At the first moment, I was not too happy, we travel too much and the dog could be a problem. So we began to learn about dog breeds, about their characters. Maltese dogs seemed to be the best for our lifestyle and our characters. We really did not underestimate the choose. We found the best Maltese breeders nearby with certification. And do you know what? happened,? It took us just 1 week between our decision to take a dog and the day we got  Marvin. Now I know, it was the best decision in our life!

When I saw Marvin's father, beautiful Maltese, I knew I want his puppy. It was a destiny, they had the last 2 boys 2,5-month-old, One of them was our Marvin and I loved him from the first moment. It was before Christmas, Marvin was my the best Christmas gift. After one week Our friends took Marvins brother when they saw us with Marvin in my bag, they like him and decided to take a dog too. So we have relatives in our city. It was 3 years ago.

And it was not the end... Now we have 2 dogs...

We are still in close contact with that breeder, every time we fly away Marvin Stay there for holidays with her Mother, a father ... The best place for him. Last December, before Christmas, this breeder put pictures on Facebook with Maltese puppies, a girl, and a boy. It was puppies from Marvin's father, a girl was beautiful, I could not let her there. So we have Marvin's sister Margarita. And do you know what happened? Our friends took her brother, so they have also 2 dogs, our relatives.

Can't tell you about my dog's names. The name-Mar -vin is assembled from my first name part( my name is Mar-garita) and from the first part of my husband nickname Vin-cent). And what is about my dog Margaritas name,? You already know.


What are your top 3 favorite dog brands and why?

For 2 years on IG, we collaborated with many dog brands, so I knew many of them, tried quality and style. If I can choose just 3 it will be:\

Barcelona Dogs. Spain brand.Luxury collars from a fairytale. You can buy a luxury bracelet in the same design like a collar. I wrote a blog about this brand. You can check it on my website.

Pipolly.American brand. Simple and beautiful design, good quality. Blog about it on my website.

Barkholic.American brand. Love their clothes, simple colors, and design, good quality.


What is the perfect day date with your pup like in your city?

During the summertime we live in our country house in the village, M§M love it there. They love to play on the grass or to walk by the village. In the weekends we go to beautiful small old city Kutna hora with dogs. Some walks, coffee and good lunch, where M§M got good meat and have their own chair.

What is your best advice to build social accounts?

I discovered IG dog community accidentally. Until  Marvin was 1,5 y he had a long hair, like Maltese. And when I decided to let to cut his hair I began to look for a nice haircut for Maltese. I found it on IG and I discovered a big IG dog community. So I made my first IG with Marvin. I have it for 2 years and I love this community and have new friends from there. You have to live and love IG if you want to build your account. You have to know that it takes a lot of time. Your IG begins to be the part of your life.

Who are your favorite dogs or dog moms to follow?

5) Thank IG I know many new people and dog moms. Some of them I can recommend you to follow: