The only supplement you need is Solid Gold

I am very, very picky about what goes in my dogs’ bodies. I have a goal of being the Guinness World Record holder for my dogs living the longest (taking suggestions and tips ALWAYS), so I like to make sure they are always eating clean, getting enough activity and using the right supplements. When I first started to find the right food and supplements for my pups I was very overwhelmed, I didn't know what to do, what to pick, or what they actually needed. To be honest, it all seemed to be way over my head. 

I knew from the word in the dog mom world that Solid Gold was the go-to brand for all things health when it comes to our fur-babies. Once I dug in deeper and learned more about how amazing and badass this company was, I knew it was the right choice.  A little bit about Solid Gold: it’s a pet food company that focuses on giving holistic products that cleanse, balance and fuel the gut so our pups can experience health on the inside and out. They have been around for 45 years, so they are basically masters in this field! 

Three things that Solid Gold lives by are three things that us gals believe is everything! 

-CLEANSE: Whole fruits & vegetable superfoods to boost gut microflora

- BALANCE: 3 strains of living, protected probiotics to promote good bacteria

- FUEL: Omega Fatty Acids to boost the immune system, skin & coat

We have been using the Solid Gold SeaMeal for over a month now and I am obsessed. It is a wellness supplement made from Earth’s original superfood, seaweed, combined with flaxseed for skin and coat health and plant-based digestive enzymes for digestive health. By adding a serving of SeaMeal to your pet’s food twice a day, you’ll deliver an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals, amino acids, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants to support skin & coat and immune system health. Soooo basically everything I was looking for! 

I give each pup a small scoop of SeaMeal in the morning and at night with their food. It is so easy since I just have to sprinkle it on and they either can't taste it, or they love it, because they are licking the bowl at the end of every meal. 

Some of the great benefits of SeaMeal are that it provides natural support for three common pet health issues: skin and coat, digestive and immune system health. Ideal for all dogs, including puppies, & seniors. Superfoods, including seaweed and flaxseed, provide vitamins and Omega Fatty Acids to help maintain a healthy skin and coat! Rich in chlorophyll – a natural source of vitamins & minerals to support the immune system. Natural digestive enzymes help pets utilize more of the nutrients in their food and support healthy digestion.

Basically, every dog should be taking SeaMeal with their meals and the best part is that it won't break the bank, it also worth every penny because as I mentioned before.. Guinness World Record ladies! 

megan rose