Why to made the switch to Stella and Chewy


We have been using Stella and Chewy’s for a little over a month now consistently. I have always loved their products, but have never taken the full-on plunge to switch over because my dogs don't do well with change (divas). But after weeks of research, I decided that it was the best choice for my fur-babes.

There are so many benefits when you start feeding your dog a food that is actually made with ingredients that they truly need and that is the right amount and serving size. The positive outcomes are actually endless and it makes my little dog mom heart happy.

When you feed your pup a great quality diet their energy level is so much more accurate with their breed standard. Which having Border Collies, make me freak out and happy with joy all at the same time. Some of my favorite changes I have seen in the crew is their coats are shinier and they have less shedding. Yup, that's right. Less shedding! Rosie was also itching a lot and chewing on herself, but since switching, I have noticed a huge change that she has been itching way less! One of my favorite things is less poop y’all. That’s right. Less sh*%! When your dog is eating the RIGHT food, their poop is smaller, less runny and just LESS!

If your dogs have any issues then I highly suggest changing their diet! Being on a good diet can change things such as lack of energy, dental issues, skin issues, and sensitive bellies!

You can even get $5 coupon to try their Raw Coated or Raw Blend Kibble - https://www.stellaandchewys.com/akibbleabove

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