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Puppy Baby Mama- Lauren

Traveling to my neck of the woods, we stumbled upon this perfect Dallas duo! And let's just say that Lauren and her pup take #mymomandme pictures to a an entirely new level. When you visit her page you'll not only find Pinterest worthy fashion ideas, but real and genuine moments between her and her fur ball. We were lucky enough to chat with Lauren to ask her some questions about her #dogmom life and share them with you guys!

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Natalie Siebers, The Pet Photographer!

If you are living in 2018 and have a dog and are a girl in her 20’s, you know the importance of photos of your fur-baby. I mean that's the only reason any of us basically have the gram, right? I personally have my own account, which is all basically photos of me and my dogs together, I like to think of it as documenting our love story.

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