The Importance of Fostering- Puppy Baby Step Mamas

“The minute we saw her walk into our house we knew she was special. Looking at her eyes she had so much to tell us…”
-@alexisharlowinteriors (foster mom)

Videos are courtesy of @thestreetdogproject

The actual definition of “foster” means to encourage or help grow.  When someone makes a choice to foster an animal, their doing more than giving them a second chance. They’re allowing them the opportunity to learn what it means to be SAFE- teaching them and encouraging them to trust again.

Social media really has been a saving grace for so many animals. It’s easy to be ignorant when you have never visited a shelter and seen the animals “behind bars.”  I know it has personally opened my eyes to see the faces of those who have been abandoned, lost or mistreated.

I could tell you a million reasons why fostering is so important, but if you’re a dog lover (which- if you’re reading this then I know you are) you already understand. So let’s take it a step further... let's go beyond sharing or liking a picture of an adoptable pup. We want to help you find the perfect pup to foster and help grow. We want you to become a Puppy Baby Step Mama.

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Puppy Baby Step Mamas

Upon starting our blogging journey, us Gals have made connections with countless rescues all over the world. While we have grown to love and respect these organizations we have gotten a first hand experience in witnessing how much these groups rely on fosters.

Most rescue groups don’t have a facility or the means to “hold” the animals that they save. The dogs that come their way are never ending, and without fosters, their hands are tied and they are unable to help them.

With that thought, we have decided to make it our mission to be more than an advocate for these amazing organizations! We want to help them save as many animals as possible! We are searching for girls, just like us, who are dog crazy and in love with the idea of helping every pup find their happily ever after! Click here to learn more about becoming a Puppy Baby Step Mama and truly making a difference.

“Fostering one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”