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Must Haves For the Eco-Friendly Pup

Let’s be honest, we all try to do our best with being “eco- friendly”. But, if you are like me, you don’t always do your best. You know when you’re taking out the trash and you see that box or can at the bottom on the bag? And you just leave it in there? Or when you use a whole can of Big Sexy Hair when teasing your hair crown before work every morning?

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Cruelty Free Hair Products

I remember when shopping for hair products meant spending 30 minutes walking up and down the aisles, opening different shampoo bottles, and smelling each of them one by one.BUT, long gone are the days when my hair product selection depended on scent alone.

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Canine Styles

Canine Styles was established in 1958 and is New York's oldest and finest dog lovers dream! They have world-class grooming and their own line of amazing and beautiful products! They have everything that any dog lover would ever need, and all at the highest quality! Everything from dog toys to collars and leashes, carries, bowls and IDs and my personal favorite clothes!

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PAWliday Shopping Guides

We’ve gathered our favorite items to showcase the best gift ideas for any and all dogs and dog lovers in your life! Whether you’re friend is the classic #dogmom or a health nut, follow our holiday gift guide to find the the PAWfect present!

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A Petsmart Christmas

With Christmas basically here, we are gearing up to spoil our pups like never before! This is Rumba’s first real Christmas and I want her to feel the love and joy that she should have been feeling her life, and while doing that I can’t leave out Frick and Frack (Pharrell and Rosie) so of course they are getting spoiled to the bone as well!

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