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Bark. Bark. Goose. The Bandanas Every Pup Needs!

So we gals love bandanas for our pups because, well, who doesn't?! And we are always on the lookout for the newest and freshest out there! When we find it, we go full on #crazydogmom on it. When we found Bark. Bark. Goose, we realized that our expectations just got raised 10 more levels we didn’t know existed.

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Wagmo- The Pet- Wellness plan for everyone!

With the New Year coming in hot like it is, there is a lot us dog moms have to get done! You know, like make sure you are updated on all vaccinations, get the grooming appointments set, make sure you are updated on all meds that your pups need and so much more! It can be a little overwhelming and, not to mention, expensive AF!

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Puppy Baby Mama- Heather

It’s that time of the week again, some call it #wcw, others call it #woofcruchwednesday but we gals like to call it Puppy Baby Mama day! There are so many amazing and badass dog moms out there, that we just have to share some of our favorites with you every week, and this week it is Heather and her sweet babies Cooper + Capo, the two most beautiful Aussies you have ever seen

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