Glen Highland Farms

Let me start this by saying that I have been following Glen Highland Farms before I even had a crazy, loving, obsessing, Border Collie. They are the ones that pushed me over the edge when adopting Pharrell. Glen Highland farms is the only single breed rescue in the country. They are fully a Border Collie rescue, hello my dream!


Lillie and John are founders and owners of the one and only Glen Highland Farms! They both come from a very successful professional background. When they both came to the realization that they had to save these dogs that people just demise because they simply don't understand them, they took a leap of faith and opened the farm.

John and Lillie started their love for Border Collies, when they rescued their first pup Luke. Luke was a sweet one year old stray from New York City. After they saw the damage done to dogs like Luke that are put in the wrong home, seeing them learn to trust again and are with people that just don’t understand the breed they knew they had to do something. Since 2001 they have rescued thousands of Border Collies! I also want to point out that they personally have 17 Border Collies, they adopt the pups that can’t be adopted out, the ones with health issues and the ones that they just simply fall head over paws for. Can we take a second and talk about how Lillie is living my BEST life, like this is my one and only goal, to have 17 Border Collies. That’s all I really need in life.


Over the past 15 years Lillie and John have saved over 3,000 Border Collies! I mean COME ON! Who are these people, and how do I become them! True heros. Sweet Border Collie Rescue is the largest Border Collie rescue in the United States!!! They have everything from puppies to seniors! The rescue brings in about 200+ Border Collies a year! The best thing about Glen Highland Farms is that they take the time to rebuild what they lost, they take the time to make sure every dog is okay again, physically and mentally. Every dog that is up for adoption is made sure they are put in the RIGHT home for them, no dog is given to just anyone just to make room for more. Lille makes sure that every human and every pup is the perfect match. These dogs have already been through so much, so making sure they are going to perfect FURever home is a must for Glen Highland, Lille and John.  The rescue brings in about 200+ Border Collies a year! The annual cost to run Glen High Farms is $650,000. Yup, you read that right. The only way this is met every year is by grants, stays at Glen Highland Getaway, charitable contributions of money, services and products by everyone from the normal dog lover to companies and foundations.


The Glen Highland Farm is 175 acres of off-leash doggy heaven. Endless trails, ponds, grass fields, balls and smells that your pup will go crazy for. When I say that Pharrell, Rosie and Rumba had the best 3 days of their lives, that would be a 100% of an understatement. Glen Highland Farms has everything you could ever dream of for your four-legged fur-baby! From the moment you get there to the sad drive out, you are in pur puppy paradise! When you first arrive, John, the co-founder takes you on a tour of the farm. He tells you all about how each trail came about, what was there before, and all the work that has gone into making the a one of a kind place. John explains how each trail was made by the Border Collies! When they first got the land, he let each dog off into the mess of woods that was once there and just followed them to make the now beautiful trails! He said that the dogs know where they want to go, so he made the trails just for that, for the dogs. Each trail is named after the pup that made it. There are countless pounds and creeks for you and pup to play in, there are two ageless trees one at 100 years old and one at over 300 years old! The list goes on and on with all the magic that lies within Glen Highland farms.

When it comes to lodging they thought of EVERYTHING! You have the choice of RV’s, Cabins, Cottages and Teepees! We got the pleasure to stay in an RV and it was amazing. They have everything you could need stocked and ready! There is a main area for outdoor cooking on grills, hanging out with your dog or making s'mores at the fire pit!


A First Class RV Getaway

Your private oasis for a deluxe vacation in the country. Climate controlled, full kitchen and bathroom provide all the comforts of home. 2 person max with up to 3 dogs.

Starting at $270 a night


A Comfy Cottage Getaway

Spacious and airy, the cottages give you and your dog's room to stretch out – total comfort in the country. 2 person max with up to 4 or 4+ dogs.

Starting at $215 a night


Nestled in the trees, keep the rustic country feel alive as you kick back, comfy and cozy in your cabin. 2 person max with up to 3 dogs.

Starting at $170 a night


Get back to nature – added amenities make this an upscale tent camping experience. 2 person max with up to 3 dogs.

Starting at $140 a night

The best thing about Glen Highland is that every single penny that is made from the Glen Highland Getaway goes right back to the Border Collie rescue. When you make it out to Morris, NY with your pup for a few days of paradise make sure you sign up to go on a tour of the actual rescue. It is absolutely beautiful to see what they are doing!

When we were at the farm we were there with about 6 other couples and their pups, two of which where other Border Collies. It was so fun to be able to hang out with other dog lovers in such a magical place. I loved being able to hang out with other dog lovers that just get it! And having a few of them being Border Collie lovers was amazing. Here in the city, we get lucky if we find another Border Collie parent to talk to about the craziness of our lives, so being able to chat with others about living with the best breed ever was amazing.

 My favorite thing besides EVERYTHING at GHF was getting to watch my dogs have the time of their lives, and to be surrounding by the such a beautiful backdrop. I loved being able to get into the creeks and ponds with the dogs and watching them (Pharrell) face his fear of swimming. Pharrell's favorite part was definitely the large open fields and endless supplies of chuck its and balls! Rosie LOVED the trails, she loved running ahead then looking back to make sure we were all there and the smells, she LOVED the smells. And for our sweet Dominican, Rumba. This was her first time to ever be somewhere like this and she was in heaven! She LOVED the water, every time we turned around she was laying in the water or swimming from side to side.

If you are looking for a place to escape for a few days or for a week please do yourself and your pup a huge favor and check out Glen Highland Getaway. It will be a trip you never forget and one that you will return to summer after summer.

If you are looking to adopt or foster a Border Collie, please contact Glen Highland Farms for more information and apply! Below are some of the pups looking for their FURever homes. Thank you so much to Lille and John for everything you are doing for these sweet Border Collies, y’all are true role models and people I will forever look up to in so many ways.