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So Drake and I just moved in with my boyfriend. Prior to the ‘big’ move, I was counting down the days until I was finally done with the apartment life and, at long last, in a home where Drake could have a backyard to play in, a porch to lay on and a neighborhood dog choir do bark with. However, all of this excitement was slightly halted by my unease at the huge change a dog would bring to my boyfriends’ house. Although he loves dogs, he didn’t have one of his own and had actually never lived with an “inside dog” before. I know… You’re probably thinking, “Who cares?!” and “Dogs make a house a home!” Well, you’re right on both accounts, however… Drake sheds…. ALOT. And to someone who has NEVER had a dog inside… Let’s just say that I wanted Drake to be the best addition he could be!

This is where Isle of Dogs was my saving grace! Their grooming products have made Drake the best smelling, well groomed dog around Dallas. Our big move couldn’t be going any more perfectly and Drake is absolutely thriving. This smooth adjustment was hugely contributed to the fact that, despite the hot Texas sun, his summer shedding has actually been manageable. We have  been religiously using the COCOClean Shampoo and Brush Spray weekly and have seen huge results! It’s incredible the impact a good product, combined with dedication/TLC can really have.

Although Isle of Dogs has a wide range of amazing products, focusing on the beauty of your dog from the inside out, I want to showcase our favorites from their grooming selection. With a vast array of shampoos created around the specific needs of your dog’s coat, there is literally something for every pup out there.


Cuddle time just got a whole lot nicer!
Sharing your heart with your dog is easy, but Isle of Dogs has made sharing your bed just as enjoyable!


“... made in the USA, giving you the ingredients you need for a clean, beautiful, ‘snugg-able’ dog.” 

Below you will find our favorite picks from each line of their Outer Beauty product line along with a brief description.




Clean. Luxurious. Classic.

Evening Primrose Oil Products- Best for dry skin but gentle enough for all!

An ultra-rich, concentrated shampoo for supplying a therapeutic dose of skin-nourishing and moisture replenishing essential fatty acids to your dog’s coat.  Evening Primrose Oil is rich in Gamma Linoleic Acid, which has been identified as the most important Essential Fatty Acid in balancing prostaglandins (regulatory molecules that influence inflammation) in dogs with atopic and allergic conditions. A dose of Evening Primrose Oil maintains the skin and coats moisture balance, while optical enhancers refract light off the coat and radiate shine.

Stain Fighting- For those pretty in white pups that we all know and love!

This shampoo is a concentrate that  specifically formulated to address stains or to be used as a pre-wash for very dirty dogs. Helps maintain bright colors, while fading stains on the coat such as those caused by mud, clay or urine. Expect added shine and reduced tangles as well.



Designed for long, silky coated breeds or pups with coats that should lay flat.

Silky Coating- It’s exactly what you think (and it’s PERFECT).

This shampoo is a gentle product that will create a soft and silky feel to the coat. It adds moisturizing properties to strengthen the hair and is great for dry or damaged coats of any type. Silky Coating was designed for long or short coated breeds where you want the coat to lay flat.



Keratin Volume- So legit. I personally buy shampoo with Keratin for my own hair!

The Keratin Volume shampoo is gentle, sulfate and paraben-free, and helps make the coat look and feel thicker, fuller, and plusher.  Keratin helps strengthen the hair and builds volume and fullness.



Isle Texture: If you’re trying to get your dog red carpet ready… then this is your go to!

Boosts texture and adds incredible volume and holding power, while building full-on dimension and definition. Creates a range of looks for all coat types. Never sticky or tacky and will not weigh the coat down. Perfect for holding the coat in place for scissoring; yet still brush-able.



Products that contain coconut oil at the source. Coconut oil, as you probably know by now (if you follow our blog) has TONS of benefits for dogs and their coat/skin. This line of products promotes soft, healthy and strong hair that relieve dry or itchy skin.

Brush Spray- My be all and end all.

In order to prevent hair damage, it's important to never brush a dry coat.  Brush spray helps reduce shedding, static and maintains a silky, healthy coat that stays cleaner, longer.  Blended with coconut oil to help improve overall skin and coat condition.  Also features ExtenScent, a natural odor-neutralizing complex that extends freshness and keeps dogs smelling better, longer.

The ingredients used in these products have first handedly improved, and healed a skin disorder of Lucy, the perfect pup of Isle of Dogs owner Becky. The amazing treatment of primrose oil and royal jelly rejuvenated Lucy’s coat and had her fur at 100% in just short five weeks. The knowledge gained from these ingredients have been the driving force of their recipes that are incorporated into the regimen of their grooming line products. Basically, rest assured that you’re using the best of the best with Isle of Dogs.

Remember, you can love your dogs with kisses and treats, but bathing and brushing them is equally as important! They depend on and need you to stay clean. Bottom line, nobody wants their dog to be “that smelly dog” everyone nicely pats and then shoos away. Ensure your dog receives all of the belly rubs and attention they can endure by staying fresh and clean with Isle of Dogs products.


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