Puppy Baby Mama- Georgia

G'day mates...er… I mean, dog moms! We’ve got Australia on the brain and it’s not because of the cute koalas. We have completely fallen head over tails with Georgia and Jerry, the perfect duo based out of Sydney. 

Georgia has the dog mom style down to an elegant science. Clean, genuine and inspirational are just a few words that pop into my mind when I scroll through her page. The images she captures portrays an honest relationship between a girl and her dog- one that will easily persuade anyone who is debating on getting a dog to make the leap!

In addition to her love for her cavalier pup, Georgia devotes her page and time to support and motivate people with mental health disabilities. She creates inspirational cards (@littlethoughtsco) that you can send to friends and loved ones who need little words of encouragement. You guys, Georgia is the REAL deal! The ultimate amazing dog mom and just… human! We can all stand to learn a little lesson from her.

ANYWAYS… to the real reason you’re here! 
We are so thrilled that we were able to get to know Georgia and, more importantly, share her story with all of you!

Comment below if you have any additional questions for Georgia! 

How did you and your pup find each other?

The decision to get Jerry happened very quickly. I did a little research about cavalier breeders nearby and came across one that seemed to have the most awards and certification. I called and asked if they had any puppies. She said she had one male who would be ready for collection in 5 weeks. I said done! 

What are your top 3 favorite dog brands and why?

Bonefide Collection - their aesthetic, quality
COOP Collection - quality leather, with matching human accessories. Timeless, classic and stylish
Organic Pet Pharmacy - beautiful products, all natural, all products are recyclable, fully sustainable company.

What is the perfect day date with your pup like in your city?

A walk by the harbour together

What is your best advice to build social accounts?

Don't try and build an account! Simply share yourself and your dog. Connect with people and be authentic. Enjoy it for what it is. If you try and grow followers, you've missed the point. I never set out to do it, I just wanted to share Jerry's daily antics and communicate with like-minded people.

Who are your favorite dogs or dog moms to follow?

Love Mai from @herkythecavalier and Maitri from @honeyidressedthepug who have big recognisable accounts. But honestly, the people that I check in with each day on Instagram don't have more than a hundred or so followers, don't take fancy pictures or sell me products - they are just genuine, caring people who I have become very fond of.

Thank you again to Georgia (and Jerry) for spending time with us!