The Swimwear For EVERY Dog Mom by Petflair!


Summer is here and we are so freaking pumped about it! The beach days, the cold drinks, the sun setting at 9 pm. I mean, so much to be thankful for! The best thing about all of this is more time with the pups! Long days at the park, trips to the beach and patio dinners! Summertime also means vacation time, which means sometimes you go without your fur-babe for a few days! But no worries, Petflair is taking the FOMO of not being with your pup to a whole other level! They make custom swimsuits, totes, and bags with your baby's face on it! I know! It's amazing! I was just in Canne, France and I wore my custom Pharrell suit on the beach and everyone was in LOVE with it! We got a chance to ask the owners of this amazing company a few questions. Check out their answers below!

How did you get started?

We started out as a bit of fun, and a bit of a gag! At that time, of course, we didn’t expect Petflair to go viral. Our first meeting was pretty much 90% joking around and 10% actual planning. We had an idea & we wanted to have some fun with it, whilst raising awareness about pet adoption. And Pound Paws needed a new way of getting money to keep the charity running. We filmed a video with some of our friends (furry and human) on one day on Sydney Harbour, then launched our product Kickstarter to see if anyone liked it. 30 days later, we'd raised a total of $108, 482.000. Crazy.

Tell us about your pups!

My baby Hansel (dachshund) was one of the stars of our video (he's the one on the laptop). Sadly, Hansel passed this month - he was of a ripe old age, but he lives on forever in our Petflair business!

Tyler's dog Millie and Charlie's dog Frankie also became dog models when we needed them. It's funny - when our campaign went viral, we were soon all on television together. It was a surreal experience & also super cool sharing all the fun start-up business moments with your dog! Here's hoping the attention didn't go to their head.

What and who influence your work?

Of course, were influenced by the next-level love modern owners share with their pets. As pet ownership is becoming as popular as human-baby ownership, we wanted to make something true pet lovers - the hardcore - could get around. As for our product, we love custom products, and the internet and technology are slowly making it affordable for everyone. We felt we needed to do something like this in the pet space. Charity-wise, we also wanted to do something positive beyond making money, and have a purpose. We have achieved this so far by linking with Pound Paws; a charity that helps to rehome pets in pounds & rescue centers.

What keeps you inspired?

We are kept inspired by our customers. Nothing makes us happier than seeing their Petflair moments shared with us on Instagram or on a personalized email. There have been some hilarious pictures too. This motivates us to expand the product range and start making more of a deal out of the impact our customers are having on animals in shelters.