Article - The Best and Most Stylish Dog-Friendly Sofa

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Yes, there is such a thing as a dog-friendly sofa. Yes, you can have stylish furniture in your home even if you have two crazy dogs (or more)! Yes, we have made it super easy for you to choose the perfect sofa for you and your precious fur baby! (You are welcome.) Choosing your next dog-friendly sofa is easier than you could have ever imagined.

If you aren’t familiar with Article, let us introduce you to them! This fabulous company offers beautifully designed furniture for the modern-day dog moms of the world. Article pays close attention to the details of all of their pieces and they offer these pieces of art at fair prices.

If you head to Article’s website, you will notice that their pieces are clean and simple yet contemporary and beautiful. I appreciate this modern approach that they have on home furniture. They pair so nicely will almost any look!

I would not say that our style is modern or contemporary but more of a shabby-chic-ish vibe. I love a good bargain but I also love me some finer more expensive pieces. Article just has a way to bring all of these things in our home together and have it look good!

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When I told our friends and family about our sofa purchase and how excited I was, some of them wondered why we would choose a sofa that we could not test out before we purchased. They asked if we were nervous about it being too stiff or looking better online than it does in person. And I get why! I have heard horror stories of people ordering things online (clothes, shoes, furniture, etc.) that looked so perfect on their computer and then when they received their item, it was a big letdown and looked nothing like it did online. But with Article, you never have to worry about that!! Why? Because they offer a 30-day, no-questions-asked, guarantee on your purchase!

Article is an amazing company! Any question I had about their products was quickly answered by their amazing Customer Support team! And what makes it even better, you can order 15 pieces and all of your new furniture ships for one flat fee of $49 (in the contiguous United States and Canada)! Is that not insane, people?!!

Their customer support and sales team, their design team, their manufacturers… all of it! All of it is just amazing from my personal experience! The delivery was so easy too. The delivery guy brought in this huge box and plopped it down in our living room right where we wanted it then we immediately started opening the box and that was literally all there was to it! We put the cushions on and then promptly started enjoying our new sofa.

dog friendly sofa 2

To me, there are four things that make a sofa dog-friendly and frankly, these four things are required before a piece comes into our home.

  1. Is the sofa easy to clean?

  2. Is the sofa durable/well made?

  3. Is the sofa comfortable enough to cuddle the pups on?

  4. Is the sofa stylish enough to be instagram-worthy?

Article fits all of these parameters that I have set for my family!


The fabric can easily be wiped down and when necessary, the cushion covers can be thrown into the washing machine! So far we have had to throw one of our covers into the wash so we chose the gentle cycle and then let it air dry. There is no discoloration in the fabric. No fading from being washed. It is just perfect!


dog friendly sofa 4

With two 70-pound dogs that like to play rough and get dirty and a toddler who gets into everything he shouldn’t, the truth is we just aren’t super soft on our furniture. In all honesty, we’re pretty rough on our furniture. We’ve had our fair share of dog wrestling matches on our Article couch in the past two months and our couch cushions are still comfortable and look great. Durability is an understatement… Is there another word that is better than that? Whatever that word is… that is Article furniture.


Many naps have been had on our sofa. I’m talking about almost every member of our family has fallen asleep on it! My husband, Sean, Abbie and Gunner, and even Liam has all taken fat naps on this comfortable sofa. It’s super approved by the Evans household.


This! This is a big deal, right?! We want to be able to take pictures and videos and just be super real with our followers! I want to know that I can just take my phone out and snap a shot of the boys and dogs cuddling on the couch or playing in the living with our stylish sofa in the background! Article’s pieces are seriously art, people! They are so beautifully made and I know they’ll look perfect in your home too!

dog friendly sofa 5

I did a significant amount of research when trying to decide on the perfect dog-friendly sofa for our family. Article met all of those needs and was even the best bang for my buck. Because you don’t have to mess with unnecessary retailers, travel to showrooms, and deal with unwanted salespeople, Article is able to offer their products at a fraction of the cost of most of their competitors. It goes straight from the manufacturer to Article to you. Badda-bing badda-boom. THAT’S IT! Don’t be fooled into buying something from a traditional retailer. And, let’s be honest, friends don’t let friends purchase from traditional retailers at marked up prices. And you’re my friend… so I’m not allowing you to do that!!!

Now that that’s out of the way! You can’t decide on whether to get a fabric or leather sofa from Article? Check out their blog post on Leather Sofas versus Fabric Sofas - dog style!

Check out our short video on why we chose Article for our dog-friendly sofa.

Now that you know Article is the place where dog-friendly sofas exist, and now that you know Article offers stylish furniture for your home, choosing your next dog-friendly sofa will be easier than you could have ever imagined. Shop away, order today, and get cuddling with your fur baby soon.

Comment below with your favorite piece from Article’s collections!