Water For Both You & Your Pups

I care about my dogs more than I care about myself or most humans for the most part. {Is that okay to actually say out loud?} So much so that they eat human-grade food from My Ollie, and I am over here on the Trader Joes diet… Anyways, basically what I am getting to is that my dogs are my life and they get whatever they need, want or desire and that doesn't stop with what water they are drinking.

Having Border Collies that are always moving, running or learning and a Potcake that loves water more than life (I think it's because she didn't have fresh water for so long before I reached her), they drink a lot. I have always been worried about this New York City water and what I am actually giving to not only myself but most importantly to Pharrell, Rosie, and Rumba!

When I came across Primo, first I was blown away with their mission and then I looked down and saw that their water dispensers are not just for you but they are designed to share with your fur-baby too! I was automatically hooked and so excited about not having to fill my Brita 100 times a day for us to share. Yes, my dogs drink the Brita water… well, not anymore, they drink that Primo water!

What they are and what makes them different, you ask? First off, they have made easy to share clean and safe water with your dog. But, besides that amazing fact, they are all about safety! Primo water has limited parasites, bacteria or heavy metals in their water! I know, I didn't even know that was still a thing in the water today. MIND-BLOWN! Primo takes pride in their water being plain and simple! Another thing that makes Primo outstanding is their mission to leave a huge impact on improving our environment! The Primo water bottles are made for reusing and refilling! Just to put this into simple terms for us, one 5-gallon bottle is equal to 1100 plastic bottles in landfills and oceans!

Now that we have had our Primo for the past few months, I can tell you that both the pups and I are totally hooked and there is no going back for us! Like seriously, we were at Central Park the other day and I ran out of the water I brought so I went to the water fountain and they refused to drink. I have created monsters, but I am 100% okay with it because I know what is going in their precious furry bodies is only the best of the best!

I highly recommend everyone getting on the Primo train! It isn't only good for you, your family and your pups but the earth…. You are basically a superhero and changing the world every day when you drink Primo!

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