Beer Paws - drinking buddies

For this Texas girl, when I think of the perfect summer day, there are a few things that have to be included, one of which is Drake (of course) and the other, an ice cold brew. Whether it’s a celebratory beer, a just because beer, or even a sad beer, your dog is always happily by your side no matter the cause for the coldie, after all, he or she is gals best friend! So when I heard about Beer Paws, I was beyond excited, a company that combines my two favorite things!


Beer Paws partners with SEVERAL amazing brewing companies to create a wide variety of products! From delicious doggie beer biscuits and even dog brew (don’t worry, your pup doesn’t need to be 21), to craft beer soy wax candles (yes, I know, this is incredible). The ingredients for all of their products are simple, creative and above all, natural.
“We make your dog a better drinking buddy”
Falling in love with this slogan and with good reason because there’s more than just brewing deliciousness to share with your pup, there is also beer STYLE! Y’all, they have the CUTEST beer bottle studded collars and even “drinking buddy” shirts and sweaters! Drake would definitely be strutting his stuff in one of these sweaters if it weren’t for that fact that he literally freezes still when I put any sort of clothing item on him! (We got to work on that)

Visit ASAP and check out all of the amazing beer based gear you can get (even for yourself) and make your dog the best drinking buddy they can be this summer! With most purchases you’ll even receive the very best gifts of all… KOOZIES! (My fav!)

Dogs and beer actually have quite a lot in common. Both have enhanced the human experience for thousands of years; each comes in many different strengths and colors. And everybody has a favorite!”

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