The Street Dog Project- Our Favorite Dallas Rescue Group


I want to start this post by telling you that this was one of my very first posts as a blogger. I found the Street Dog Project on social media and I instantly fell in love. Now- here I am, almost 3 years later- with a dog saved by TSDP currently (and permanently) living in my home, and I still can’t say enough about this rescue group. This month, we’ve decided to highlight this organization in honor of my adopting Pippa (pictured here).

I have updated the photographs in this post to include current dogs available for adoption through TSDP, however I left my original post the same (for nostalgic reasons) but I am currently drafting a post about Pippa’s story, where I further talk about how AMAZING TSDP is!

We all know there are dogs in need of saving all over the world! Choosing which pup to adopt and give a FURever home to is one of the most difficult decisions a dog lover can make. Beyond that, deciding which organization or rescue agency to donate to, volunteer with or help out in any way is sometimes equally as tough! Because if you’re anything like me, then you also want to SAVE ALL OF THE DOGS!


My Vote Goes to…

So this brings me to the point of bragging on a particular rescue organization here in Dallas! The Street Dog Project is a group who has made it their mission to save dogs that are living on the streets here in South Dallas.

Now, when I first heard about TSDP, I did think about the idea that sometimes a “street dog” could possibly have a better life, roaming & running freely, smelling everything, rather than being at a “pound” for years, waiting for a loving home. Which life is better? Who knows.

However- here in Dallas, this choice has become a non existent one. Due to a few extremely, EXTREMELY, sad attacks here in Dallas, dogs (no matter the situation and/or demeanor of the dog) are now being sought after, caught and euthanized within a matter of days if the owner does not claim them. To make matter worse, South Dallas has become a dumping ground for unwanted dogs. Therefore, this makes this area the worst possible place for a Dallas pup to end up in.

With all of this being said, and feeling SO extremely helpless in regards to this issue, I (by some miracle) came across The Street Dog Project on Instagram. Immediately I contacted them to find out more and learn about their mission for street dogs. One of the co-founders, May, was so eager and willing to share their information with me and upon doing so, her true love and passion for dogs shined so bright! I know that she is truly making a difference for dogs in need.


Tell me more…

Therefore, I want to start with their mission statement… Empowering communities to reduce the homeless pet population through rescue, education and outreach.

To give a little bit of their background, they started a group about 10 years ago, with the same idea in mind, rescuing street dogs. She told me that somewhere along the way, the organization became very large and seemed to have forgotten the core passion that started the group in the first place. So she decided (along with some others) to start a new group (The Street Dog Project) and get back to the true foundation of why they wanted to rescue in the first place.

In her words:

“We are Dallas based and do the most of our street rescues in the South Dallas area. We don't disclose the exact location to the general public, mainly because we do not want the WRONG people to know the location of the street dog we are helping. General location is South Dallas.  We have volunteers who are in these areas daily keeping an eye on the street dogs on our radar. Feeding and providing water. This is all while we are networking the dogs and looking for fosters or partner local rescue groups who have room to help.”

Bottom line… no matter how long it takes to rescue the dog, they never leave a dog behind and will always come back for them!
Oh my gosh, that statement alone makes my heart sing!

how can you help…


As you can imagine, a lot of these homeless dogs have health issues of some sort. And as wonderful as veterinarians (at City Vet) are in helping causes such as these, sometimes the cost is just too high. Any donations to medically support the rescued street dogs is SO appreciated! In addition- they rely solely on fosters to save dogs, ensuring that dogs do not have to stay in any sort of shelter situation. Consider opening your home temporarily to be that second chance for a dog that has never exerienced love before.

Beyond that, simply helping spread the word and educating others about adoption… Always choose to adopt. Shelters are over populated, it makes no sense to shop. Spay and Neuter, Adopt don’t Shop.

Even easier than that, please just follow and share the pups searching for homes here in Dallas and help us all make a difference for homeless pups… because I believe every dog deserves a chance at love!

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