Canada Pooch - Braving the Elements in Style

If you enjoy rigorous rural hikes, play dates in the park, or casual city walks AND if you love designer fashion, functional ensembles, and high quality clothing, giiiirl, we’ve found the jackpot of dog and dog mom gear for YOU! Canada Pooch is what you want to be in when it comes to style, functionality, and quality. 

Canada Pooch’s range of styles ensures versatility and the utmost protection no matter your style or scene. Their line of clothing for dog and dog moms is adorable and has so much charm! They obsess over every detail when it comes to creating the apparel that you and your pup will wear on your next adventure. There will be no editing needed when posting to The Gram! Thaaank goodness!

One thing that really stuck out to us gals is that the Canada Pooch team truly loves animals and they strive to develop innovative, forward-thinking products that guarantee a positive experience for dogs and owners alike. Canada Pooch apparel and accessories do not contain any animal products. No down. No fur. No leather. Aaaaall animal friendly!

We were lucky enough to talk to Canada Pooch’s Assistant Brand Manager, Danica, and she answered some questions that we all want to know!

Tell us a little about Canada Pooch!

Canada Pooch was founded in 2011 and is located in Toronto. We strive to inspire a connection between pets and parents. To us, dogs are family. We design high-quality fashionable apparel and accessories that truly accentuate your dog’s personality, reflect their human side and bring you closer together.


What/Who Influences our Work? 

We have three core principles that remain at the heart of everything we do to drive love, loyalty and equity for our brand.

1. Style Obsessed: We design clothes so that your dog can be as stylish as you are (maybe even more!)

2. Fit Obsessed: We don’t stop until our designs fit your dog perfectly

3. Quality Obsessed: All of our clothes are designed for comfort, durability and utility


Tell us about your pets!

Canada Pooch is actually a dog friendly office so we have lots of dogs constantly running around the office which makes for an exciting work day! Three of our regular pups are actually three puggles (Duncan, Maddy, Bella) that belong to our Founder, Jacqueline and they are resident fit models for the team!


What’s new for Canada Pooch in 2019?

Fall/Winter 2019 is going to be an exciting time for Canada Pooch! We are coming out with a ton of new styles, apparel, patterns and colors. We will be bringing the most fashion-forward dog trends to your pups this year!

So, no matter if your next outing is a vigorous hike, dog park shenanigans, a stroll down your city’s streets, or WHATEVER! Canada Pooch will help your pup brave the elements in style. For us fashionable dog moms, you know how important that is. If you don’t consider yourself a fashionable dog mom, you know your pup’s fashion is still important to you! DON’T LIE!

Be sure to follow Canada Pooch on Instagram for some super cute photos and fashion forward inspiration! And be sure to shop our favorite looks on their website!

Chelsea’s Favs:

Denim Dog Mom Hat

Matching Denim Dog Hat

Pink Denim Dog Vest

Megan’s Favs:

Not Your Basic Tee - Red

Not Your Basic Tee - Black

Not Your Basic Tee - Est. 2011

Jessica’s Favs:

Ice Cream Cones Bandana

Popsicle Bandana