Brooklinen - Affordable, Luxury Bedding for Dog Moms

If you’re like us gals, then you know the struggle of finding comfortable sheets that will withstand the hot nights of spooning your dog and fabric that will withstand their nails! Well, look no further. Say “hello” to Brooklinen and “goodbye” to tossing and turning. Let us introduce you to what comfortable looks like.

Brooklinen manufactures 5-star hotel quality bed sheets with designs that are versatile enough for any home, at a price that won’t break the bank. It’s simple, beautiful bedding delivered straight to your door. 

Brooklinen was awarded as 2018’s Best Bedding by Men’s Health, 2018’s Best of Test Winner by Good Housekeeping, 2018’s Best Duvet Cover by Wirecutter, and they have over 30,000+ 5-Star reviews!!! Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Let us tell you how it’s all possible!

Brooklinen creates quality products by using only the very best materials and manufacturers. They offer a lifetime warranty if their product rips or frays. They have stress-free shipping and fabulous customer service. AND there are zero middlemen involved so there are no luxury mark-ups, just luxury sheets for you.

Our thoughts? Their products are high-quality, unique and beautiful, and abso-freaking-lutely comfortable! It seriously makes us feel like we’re laying on the flip side of a big pillow all night! I can’t decide whether I love them more for sleeping purposes or Instagram purposes! (Okay, just kidding. Sleeping wins!)

For the founders of Brooklinen, quality was the most important thing to provide their customers. The second most important thing was to provide affordable products to their customers. Third most important thing was to make sure they were beautiful.

If you’re more of a visual gal, here is a nice little graphic to show you what we just described above!


Bottom line: Brooklinen was built to deliver simple, beautiful home essentials at a fair price by cutting out the middleman. And we applaud them for it! We gals are SO super happy with our Brooklinen products, that we want to share our favorite pieces with our favorite dog moms!

Chelsea’s favorites:

The Luxe Sateen core sheet set is Brooklinen’s best seller! These sheets are buttery-smooth while being rich and cozy with a slightly luminous finish. These have withstood Abbie and Gunner’s nails when I’ve put of getting them trimmed! Super durable!

The Linen core sheet set makes me feel like I’m in a 5-star, top-of-the-line, Carriebean dream resort. These are airy and effortlessly chic! These sheets are made from the highest quality flax in the world! If you want to feel like a straight up queen… these sheets need to be yours!

Megan’s favorites:

Brooklinen’s Lightweight Quilt set is made with breathable cotton fill, has beautiful hand-stitching details, and is the perfect balance between lightweight and cozy. And it’s perfect for those indoor Instagram shots.

Jessica’s favorites:

The Pendleton Heritage blanket is made in Oregon and is a combo of pure virgin wool and cotton. This blanket is SO beautiful and we love that it is Native American inspired! Although Drake and Pippa love this blanket almost as much as I do, it’s dry clean only so I only let them cuddle with me and the Pendleton on special occasions… okay, possibly every Thursday night to catch up on my favorite show!

Find your favorite on Brooklinen’s website! And be sure to follow them on Instagram for some major bedroom goals!

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