The Chicest Dog Bed of Them All!

I have three lazy ass dogs, I know what you are thinking, you have two border collies, please explain what makes them lazy. Well, if they are not outside, not learning a new trick or playing with a ball then they would rather be sleeping and cuddling together. So basically there is some sleeping going on at my house. They all also LOVE to have their own dog bed, and they all want it to be big enough for all three to fit if they need to cuddle, but also they need it to be big enough for them go full spread eagle as well. I am very picky about the dog products in my house, I want them to have everything they want and need BUT, I also don't want my home to look like it has been taken over by the pet section at the local big box store, so I am always on the lookout for classic, chic and trendy pet products for the home. When I came across Janery, I was blown away, so chic and classic all at the same time, everything that I look for when it comes to my house (small NYC apartment). Besides, Janery being on point when it comes to decor, the dogs LOVE it! Rumba will go push Rosie and Pharrell off of it at least once a day so she can have it all to her little self. We got the chance to ask Jane, the mastermind behind it all a few things about this amazing company that she has built! See below.

How did you get started?

It started with my first dog, Charlie.  She was a street dog who filled my heart and tripled my pet care budget —until she inspired me to create a dog bed that was functional, beautiful, and made by ethical American manufacturers.

Before creating the Charlie Cushion, I learned the expensive lesson that most pet beds aren’t made well where it counts. The cushions turned into lumps after a few months. It was a Herculean effort to wash them, and the fabrics never really came clean. On top of that, the drab beds never feel like they belonged no matter what room I put them in.

What I wanted was a dog bed that was a permanent part of the family room—because Charlie was a permanent part of the family.  So, I rolled up my sleeves, determined to create a waterproof dog bed that stood up to real-life in real, beautiful ways. Patterns with personality. Fabrics with washable durability. Cushions with uncompromising comfort. Because life is messy, and we all deserve products that are up for the challenge—especially when they’re for our best friends.


Tell us about your pet(s)!

Our four-legged family currently includes Amber, our standard poodle, and two cats - Aretha and Hidey (not a typo).

We adopted Amber 4 years ago when she’d been returned to a breeder twice before the age of 2.  She was my first poodle - my first dogs were mutts rescued directly off of streets - and she’s been a wonderful introduction to the breed.  She’s smart, silly, protective (without being dangerous), and a great off-leash hiker, which is a must for me in a dog. And hey - what a great bonus that she doesn’t shed a bit.

gals best friend dog bed

My cat Aretha is about 16 years old, and I bottle raised her from day one.  She seems to have been born scared of life and spends most of her time hiding in our bedroom if anyone is around.  But she’s a total sweetheart with me. Our newest cat, Hidey, came with the house we bought last fall - it was either that, or the old owner was sending her to the shelter.  Once she adjusted to our crazy family, she became a total lap cat who yells at me to make room whenever I’m working at my desk. (Like right now!)

What and who influence your work?

I’m influenced by interior design, my pets, and by a diverse group of small business owners.  For example, Shawn Askinosie of Askinosie Chocolate has inspired me to stay true to my mission and ethics and to never compromise.  When his business was younger, he directly influenced the global price of cocoa beans - and the lives of their growers - by insisting on paying his farmers a higher wage for their crops.  

On a more design-centric note, I’m currently crushing on the style of Shavonda Gardner (@sgardnerstyle on IG), and loving the way she uses dark, moody colors in her home.  And while I can’t spill the beans just yet, my next collection of Charlie Cushions is influenced by my travel in Italy. It’s going to be super luxe and fabulous, and I just can’t wait for it to come together.

What is/are your fav dog brands and why?

Zozo’s Paw is local to us and creates fabulous collars, leashes, and bandanas. She has done an incredible job giving back to animal rescue organizations, and I not only love her products - I’m inspired by her business as well.

SnugPups makes beautiful, durable, and deliciously warm fleece dog coats with adorable skirts on the back.  They’re my favorite blend of fashion and function.

The HuggleHounds Ruff-Tex toys are our absolute favorites - primarily because they’re our dog Amber’s favorite as well.  They have a great rough texture that she loves to mouth, and they squeak perfectly. She lives for these toys, and when hers is missing she actually becomes depressed.

What is new for your company in 2019?

This is going to be an interesting year for Janery.  Last year I transitioned the making of my Charlie Cushion dog beds to a small, ethical factory in Michigan, and this year I’m finding a production partner for my cat beds and accessories. We’ve built a lot of momentum and I’m very excited to release some new products that I’ve been quietly designing, but they may not come until winter. I just welcomed my second human child and am trying to spend time enjoying her, as well as growing the business.

gals best friend dog bed