Two-Ingredient Frozen Summer Dog Treats

Okay, Puppy Baby Mamas! We have the most simple, summer-loving dog treats a pup could beg for! It will literally take you like, 60 seconds to make and just a few hours of your pup anxiously waiting! We’ve teamed up with our new fav dog nutrition company, Nulo, to bring you these nom-worthy, two-ingredient, Summer-loving dog treats!


  • Nulo bone broth, flavor of your dog’s choice (choose from 100% human-grade beef, chicken, and salmon)

  • Nulo freeze-dried raw food, flavor of your dog’s choice (choose from beef with apples, duck with pears, lamb with raspberries, salmon and turkey with strawberries, turkey with cranberries)

  • Le Dogue silicone dog treat molds (Amazon has other great options too)

  • Bonus: I always (and I literally mean ALWAYS) add DDR Prime to our homemade treats for the cellular benefits (German Shorthaired Pointers are prone to tumors and we want to be as preventative as possible to cancerous cells growing in their bodies!)


  • Stabilize your silicone dog treat molds on a plate or other type of flat cookware (this will make it much easier to move the treats from your counter to your freezer)

  • Crush the Nulo freeze-dried raw nuggets between your fingers and place one per each hole (if you’re using a larger treat mold, you may want to use more raw nuggets per each hole)

  • Once all of the holes are filled with the Nulo freeze-dried raw nuggets, fill them with your Nulo bone broth (it’s okay if things get messy, your dog will gladly help you clean up!)

  • Optional: Place one drop of DDR Prime per each hole

  • Place treat tray in your freeze overnight or until thoroughly frozen

Unless you have a crazy amount of dogs, you should have a decent amount of leftovers! Just place these in a ziplock baggy and store in your freezer! These will last as good as your ingredients are good for!

Seriously, y’all. It’s as easy as pie! Isn’t that the most simple, summer-loving dog treat your pup could want?! Next time you make these, time yourself! I bet it only took you a minute or two to prepare! Check out all of the other great options that Nulo has to offer and get creative with your dog’s homemade treats! Share your concoctions below in a comment! If you try this recipe make sure to tag us and @nulopetfood on Instagram