Clearly Loved Pets

If you are anything like me, or like any girl in their 20s… you are obsessed with Instagram and anything social media related. It has totally taken over our lives, not sure how much of a good or a bad thing that is. But, unfortunately, we can't live without it. My favorite accounts to follow on Instagram, well, beside the hundreds and hundreds of dogs that I follow, are interior decor accounts. I mean, like the ones where every photo is bright, airy, and makes me feel like I need to go home goods and spend all of my savings to re-do my 900 square foot Upper East Side little slice of heaven. But, then I also think... what do these people do with all of their dog’s crap? Because, of course, I am convinced that everyone has a dog! Like, do they hide all of the toys away, and fold and unfold their crates everyday for pictures? I mean, I know it's usually all just staged for the most part, but in my “insta-mind” I am convinced that this is how they live every day.

So the question again is, what do you do if you have a pup? And really, what do you do if you have a pup that NEEDS a kennel? Because I know that I do not want a wire crate or kennel ANYWHERE in my house. Like not even in the basement… ya feel me? Anyways, one day I was doing my hourly scroll… and there it was Clearly Loved Pets. Like, no joke, I wanted to go out and adopt a puppy right then and there, so I would need a reason for a new kennel, since Rosie, Rumba and Pharrell don't use one. Y’all, I am not joking these things are too beautiful for words! Take a look!

These beautiful lucidium dog pens with clear walls are something you would see in the Kardashian-West home! Clearly Loved Pets has worked so hard to developed a revolutionary and stunning new indoor lucidium enclosure for small and medium dogs. With clear acrylic walls, our oversized pens provide a generous space, while simultaneously decreasing visual clutter. The three size options will comfortably accommodate your pups while you are away! They amazing pens come in four great colors including: pink, blue, green, and silver.

We had these amazing dog parents answers some questions that we know you are all dying to know! See below!

How did you get started?

Clearly Loved Pets started like many other things, we needed a solution to a problem.  My husband finally said, “Julie please, we need to keep the dogs contained at night so we can get to the coffee pot in the morning without having to mop the whole floor.” I realized that he was right and we needed to figure something out.  I concluded what they needed was a bedroom!   Wayne is a mechanical engineer and he was working in aerospace making helicopter windshields. He was always making things that we needed out of acrylic.  So, I asked him to make the dogs a big pen, which we could have in the family room without it taking up visual space.  After about six months of looking at that pen, we decided to improve the design and make a retail product.

Tell us about your pups!

Sam is our old corgi.  He just turned 13, but he’s still got swag!  Phoebe is a chihuahua mix.  She is a sweet little rescue dog who just loves a lap to sit on.  And then there is Charlie Bear, he is our baby.  He is like a Pomeranian, but much bigger.  We think he is a German Spitz.  He keeps us laughing every day with all his antics and his sweet kisses.

We also have a crazy cat, a wacky chameleon, and four amazing kids.

What and who influence your work?

I have always loved modern architecture and The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand, was my favorite book in my twenties.  I admired the way Howard Roark focused on the lived experience of his designs.  If I could have my dream home, it would be all glass, with a minimal, yet Earthy Zen décor.  Comfortable, peaceful, spacious, and airy.  That is what we were going for with the Lucidium Pen design.

What keeps you inspired?

Meeting people within the pet industry, especially at adoption events, has been a fantastic experience.  Getting emails from customers who tell me that their dogs are less stressed, and have less separation anxiety – that is amazing.  I feel excited to be a part of the pets-are-family movement, and I think our product fits this philosophy.  We recognize there is a need to keep your fur babies and your house safe, and we are offering a great alternative.

Finally, one of the things I love the most about being involved in this industry, is to see the compassion, and humanity that pets create and nourish.  Unconditional love.  Dogs invented this notion. 

If you are getting a new pup soon, or if you have a fur-baby already and their crate/kennel/pin is crashing you chic home decor, then please check out Clearing Loved Pets, it would be the perfect gift for any dog lover in your life this Christmas (or youself)!