Dog Meets Baby

Before Liam was born, we had to make sure Abbie and Gunner were ready for a tiny human. I would never ever want to take a chance in something happening to any of our babes! Abbie and Gunner are great with kids, but... Our dogs were our first children and we didn't want them to resent us or our baby. Also, Abbie doesn't like to share her toys and Gunner gets too excited sometimes! So, we naturally had concerns as soon-to-be first-time parents!

Remember when we talked about On Point K9 and how amazing Stephen is?! Well, it still holds true! We went to the expert on how to prepare our pups for the meeting of our son. Stephen has kids of his own so we knew he'd be a great resource!


Here's 10 things to get your dog started on the right paw!

  1. Desensitize your dog to touch... AKA pull on his ears, tail, nose, lips. I mean ANYTHING a toddler can (and will) pull on. Dogs don't know how to say no, so they say no with their mouths.

  2. Work on place training. Make sure your dog has a "place" to go lay on. That can be a dog bed, blanket, towel, etc. Just make sure your dog knows to go there when you say, "Go to your place".

  3. Set up a routine. Rock in the rocking chair/glider and have your dog in the nursery. Go through the motions that you will with your baby. Dogs (as well as people) function better with a routine.

  4. Use baby shampoo and lotion on yourself, that way your dog gets used to the smell and won't lick it all off your baby!

  5. Never stick your baby in your dog's face. Dogs may snap with an unknown thing shoved in their face. Let your dog come to you and your baby. She will come when she's ready to investigate her human sibling. Just make sure she has access to do so.

  6. Don't let your dogs stand over or on your baby (or you!). Even if it's not a dominance issue, they can still hurt your baby (or worse) by accident.

  7. If you use formula, train your dog to leave these alone! In my experience, dogs like breast milk as well. ESPECIALLY when it's regurgitated from a little one. Train your dog to leave these alone as well, because he may eat burp clothes, your clothes, your baby's clothes, and anything that comes in contact with spit up.

  8. Desensitize your dog to loud noises and quick movements. Play sounds of crying babies. Move quickly to them. Kids are loud and quick... Make sure your dog is ready!

  9. Your dog should never smother your baby in kisses. Babies can suffocate. Also, don't ride with the windows down in the car anymore. Babies won't breathe when wind is in their face.

  10. Spend time with your dog even when your baby is here!!! Dogs resent things! Dogs will start to act like teenagers if they are ignored or if you take things out on them.


If your dog shows ANY signs of aggression, get help immediately!!! Contact Stephen with OnPoint K9!