Dallas Doggie Date- The Best Places to Take Your Dog in Dallas


When I was single, the only “dating” I ever actually enjoyed was with my favorite four legged guy… Drake, of course! And even now, the best dates, with my bodacious boyfriend (Yes I said bodacious, don’t judge me!), are the ones where the THREE of us get to embark on our own mini adventures, right here in the best city in the world… DALLAS! We all know that when you live in a city, you have to get a little creative and think outside the box when it comes to doggie dates. However, spending a fun-filled, and on top of that, active day, in D town isn’t so hard!

So let me start by saying, I may not know every hidden dog friendly gem in Dallas, but we have done some SERIOUS exploring. Some successful days and some very unsuccessful… I may or may not have tried to test my doggie limits in certain places. Oops! You never know until you try though, right? Anyways, with that being said, I’m going to lay out one of Drake and I’s favorite day dates and I promise it is all furball approved!



I am an early riser, mainly because of Drake… but regardless, you want to beat that Texas heat! We like to start at Mudsmith coffee. Y’all… THE best coffee in lower greenville. I personally like the KC’s special, you have to give it a try. Drake loves to chill out and people watch (dog/squirrel watch) while I drink my coffee.


Next we cruise over to the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and to the trails below. Now, as of right now, this area is still pretty low key. I can unhook Drake and let him run wild through the trails. Meanwhile, I get some exercise AND get to enjoy some of the best views of downtown! After Drake has burned LOTS of energy, mainly so he doesn’t bark at the pigeons at the restaurant, it’s finally our favorite time which is of course...brunch time!! Because we all know that Dallas likes to “brunch so hard” on the weekends! DUH!




Luckily, for us Dallas folks, there are tons of pup friendly, hot and “in the scene” brunch spots located throughout the entire city! Deciding which place to brag on in this post was a little difficult. However, our go to spot is typically Sfuzzi’s off Knox st and I’ll tell you why in two words… Bottomless. Mimosas. Yes, although dangerous, they’re delicious and you really can’t beat that deal, especially in the city! Besides the can’t beat prices, allowing yourself to indulge on delicious beverages and the absolute best breakfast pizzas or chicken and waffles, you also have your fur baby by your side for the random photo sesh!

Now this is typically where we make a decision for the day… be productive/active OR go hang out with our friends and drink some more frosty beverages. If we go with option A, then we typically head over to Kylde Warren Park where Drake LOVES to play in the little water fountains. Typically the kiddos around love seeing Drake chase the shooting water from the ground, it’s a win for everyone around! There is also a small dog park to let him play in, or we will just walk and explore all throughout the downtown area.

If we go with option B… that consists of us heading to Community Brewery across from the AAC. This brewery is indoor AND outdoor and your pup can go through it all. Yep. That’s right. Your furball can walk and explore the brewery indoors as well as outdoor. There is usually live music and fantastic beers on tap. This is always a favorite for me and for Drake.


We usually end our day with a nice stroll around White Rock Lake. The most popular “outdoorsy” spot in Dallas by far. However, if we’re tired (and by we, I mean me) then we will just find a quiet and secluded spot near the water where Drake can watch the ducks and maybe spot the occasional squirrel.


Dallas truly is the best city, especially when you can have your fur child by your side! We hope you and your pup love our favorite Dallas Doggie Date as much as we do! A woof, wags, and licks with love kind of day!