The Black Dog Project

The Black Dog Project: When we go look for a new puppy at a shelter or a pound we don’t think that the color of the fur-baby is going to be a factor. But in most cases it is, and we don’t even notice that we are doing it. The sad fact is that people just walk by “black dogs” and are automatically just pulled to the lighter colored dogs.

The public isn’t aware of how much trouble these black dogs are in when they are brought to the pound just because of their color! The biggest number of black dogs that end up being put down are labs and lab mixes!

There isn’t much to this story because it is just a case of fur color, nothing to do with the temperament, or the personality of the dogs. Most black dogs in the shelters don’t even get looked at much less pet and shown any love. Black dogs spend 4x more the amount of time in the shelter than lighter color pups.

The next time you or anyone else you know make the choice to go save a life, please consider looking at all the “black dogs” available! And if you don’t end up taking one home, at least they  saw a happy face and got some human contact and love for the day!

From Badass Brooklyn in New York City everyone meet Max!


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From Dallas Animal Service & Adoption Center everyone meet Bubblegum!

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From Second Chance for Homeless pets everyone meet Bobbi!

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