Dental Health From Chew Toys

Every dog mom wants their pup to have that Oscar winning Hollywood smile! But getting those teeth to shine like a movie star is no easy feat. After your dog enters “adulthood,” their teeth begin to show evidence of the many years of treats, food and God only knows what else they’ve gotten into!

In every attempt to keep Drake’s teeth as white and healthy as possible, I’ve learned that there are actually many ways to prolong and/or avoid the dreaded expense of a teeth cleaning! But for this post, let's focus on the simple day-to-day things that you can do to help fight plaque on your pups teeth! Even more specifically… the chew toys that promote the dental health of your dog!


Some of Drake’s Favorites:

Things To Remember:

Not all chew toys are a good choice for teeth cleaning! Products that are made with cheap materials may break or splinter in your pup's mouth. In addition, make sure that the products you purchase are assembled with non-toxic and safe materials. Take into consideration whether or not the toy has many ridges and divots as these are more likely to massage and promote healthy gums. As always, make sure to supervise your dog while they are enjoying their toy and remove it if you notice any breakage!

Happy cleaning!