Puppy Baby Mama to The Doberman Rescue Crew

It’s that time of the week again, some call it Wednesday, others call it hump day but us gals like to refer to it as Puppy Baby Mama day! If you have been following us, then you know that we have some major girl crushes on some badass dog moms from all over the world, and this week we have gone over and beyond when it comes to crushing! Meet Amy, the dog mother of all dog mothers! She has rescued not 1 but 5 amazing Dobermans! We got the chance to ask her a few questions about her amazing life with these babies, check out her answers below.

How did you and your pup find each other?

Found this amazing Doberman breed after adopting and fostering for shelters for nearly 20 years. All started by filling out an application with our local New Orleans rescue and BAM! I was hooked after meeting a super special, senior blue Doberman no one else wanted. This sweet boy had been passed around from foster to foster for well over a year, but I took one look at him and was a smitten kitten for life. Lucian became my ultimate sidekick and changed the look of our family forever. Soon after his adoption, we added a red female who had been used as a breeding machine, after Ava, we added a severely neglected black senior girl, after Chloe, we found a stray fawn boy in need, after Ben an albino fighting cancer... You get the picture! The Doberman Rescue Crew had been born.

What are your top 3 favorite dog brands and why?

Many of our Dobermans lived well past their prime here thanks to some staples we keep for our crew. With so many rescues we find feeding a higher quality kibble works best for us, so we stick with Fromm. Since this brand is not sold in every area we highly recommend checking out the site PetFlow.com for all your pups needs. Great prices and they commonly offer coupons and free shipping on orders that come straight to your door. Treats from @canidaepetfood help us keep everyone's focus here during little photo ops and for dress, up fun, we LOVE collars from Doberman Pride/Crazy Rebels (@crazyrebels). They customize their leather gear and offer so many choices for stylish pups!

What is the perfect day date with your pup like in your city?

New Orleans offers so many opportunities to shine in the rescue world! Everyone knows about Mardi Gras, but did you know there's a specific parade during carnival season that celebrates fabulous pups and their owners? Barkus is a parade that welcomes canines of all shapes and sizes! We walk with members of our Doberman crew to represent awesome shelter dogs and show Dobermans are not the big, scary creatures you commonly see depicted on film. Such a treat seeing dogs who were once severely neglected walk through cheering crowds in the French Quarter with pride. Great day to celebrate!

What is your best advice to build social accounts?

The Doberman Rescue Crew's images started taking off about two years ago. Think folks were surprised to see a beautiful bunch of Dobermans successfully living all together in harmony. We love sharing their rescue stories with people and genuinely enjoy interacting with folks who follow along on a daily basis. Honesty is key here as well. Not every day is glorious, but by the end of the week we're all smiling and appreciating the little things in life. Bringing joy to others through their shenanigans has built an ultimate diary for us, one we're super thankful for here. Love how sharing something with others ends up creating something precious for yourself along the way. Build something you love and enjoy - the rest will naturally follow. Also fun to communicate with other dog accounts and use just a few hashtags to focus on a subject.

Who are your favorite dogs or dog moms to follow?

Our favorite accounts to follow are the folks who also keep it fun and real! They share stories of their daily lives and offer little tricks of the trade from training techniques to photography tips. @rubydooby_do is a gorgeous Doberman out of CA who's owner is super cool about helping new photographers, especially ones who love to capture special pets. Another favorite is @thewhitestpupsyouknow who are a group of rescued babies sharing their adventures in their new life. For therapy and a great laugh check out @mr.marcel, the most perfect little French potato around! All fab accounts that keep us smiling here.   

Make sure to follow this amazingly badass crew at @amyeiler