A Dog Lovers Dream by DogLabz

If you know me at all, or if you follow either me or the pups on Instagram then you know that I am a certified #crazydoglady, and I am 150% okay with it. I take the crew (Pharrell, Rosie and Rumba) everywhere I go. Well, let's be honest... I take one at a time more days, because traveling with 3 not-so-small dogs in New York City isn't the easiest thing. I also love to have them everywhere I look, you know, my desktop background, photos or artwork in my apartment, phone cases and of course I have some shirts with them on it! When I came across DogLabz on Etsy, I was automatically OBSESSED! The way that they do their artwork is so real and beautiful! I got to ask their owner some questions on how he got started and about his life as a #dogdad! See his answers below!

How did you get started ?

It all started back in 2016 after our lab called Dune died, she was a nanny to our kids and our faithful friend in good and worst for more than 13 years.

One day I saw my 7 years old son cutting old Dune's photos and gluing them on transparent iPhone case. He was on the edge of crying and told me he don't want to forget her ever. That was the moment when idea about DogzLab was born. I started designing various custom phone cases, with digitally painted dog faces, for friends, family and local animal protection groups. People then started to request mugs, t-shirts, tank tops,... Soon ETSY shop was born and in Christmas 2017 it boomed.

What and who influence your work?

I guess people passion about dogs and dogs endless love to people is most important thing that move me forward. When visiting new cities I always watch people with their dogs and taking photos of them.

Also I find inspiration in Andy Warhol works and new great artist like Helmut Koller ( www.helmutkoller.com @helmutcoller) and his colorful animal paintings.

What is another dog brands do you love and why?

Beside being obsessed with dogs I'm also tech junky and always looking for new gadgets and software. So my interest these days are forwarded into how new technology will make stronger bond between dogs and their owners. Great examples is company Petcube (www.petcube.com) which uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to recognize pets, trigger recording of pet selfie videos and initiate two-way video calls. One more is Petrics (www.petrics.com). Producer of Pet Bed that tracks a pet’s weight, rest and activity, and offers climate control.

What is new for your company?

So many things are cooking in DogzLab these days. My wife is collecting photos of our happy customers with their dogs for September campaign called "Dogs as models". New custom dog socks, bowls & pet bed designs are working in progress. Also we are thinking about Kickstarter campaign for a photo-book series about people, dogs and cities that will be one of the kind in the world. But this is a whole new story and I will give you some teasers soon ;).

Please make sure that you do yourself a huge favor, and head over to Doglabz for some custom swag of your own! Doglabz also is the perfect gift for all the dog lovers in your life, including all the #puppybabydaddies out there!