The Bag Every #dogmom Needs

Being a girl with a fashion background and a girl that is totally obsessed with her dogs, when I
find something that combines the two in a chic way...I kinda lose it. Since I live in New York City, I am always out and about, going here and there, and I can’t have @Pharrellandrosie with me all the time. So it’s a must that I have something that represents them with me at all times! You know, for those times when people are like “do you have a dog? Can I see a photo?” moments. Wether that’s an iPhone case, a photo on my phone or anything I can get my hands on. With all of this being said, when I saw Mon Purse on Instagram, I was more than excited.

Mon Purse is an Austrian born company bringing European made bags all over the world. The thing that caught my eye about this amazing brand, besides their beautiful silhouettes, was their custom option. That’s right, by custom I mean getting your dog hand-painted on any product you want. Yup, anything... you can carry your pup around on a trending bucket bag, or a tote to take to the the airport, a phone case, pouch or even a classic cross body.

If you are anything like us gals, and I am guessing you are if you are reading this post, then please do yourself a favor and invest in this classic masterpiece that you will have FURever! You can see their whole collection here!