Dog Parker

Calling all New Yorkers, you know that moment when you are taking your dog for a walk and you get that sudden craving for a latte from Starbucks or a taste for your favorite gluten- free brownie from that one bakery? But, then you realize that you are a 15 minute walk away from your apartment, and that you must take you fur-baby back, because God-forbid every place in the city be dog-friendly (insert eye-rolling emoji). Once you finally get back to your apartment to drop off the pup, that lazy feeling sneaks in and another 30 minutes of walking all the sudden seems out of the question. This is something that happened to me almost everyday! Weather it is running into Trader Joe's, picking something up from my favorite store in the Upper East Side, or just getting a Dr. Green from Juice Press. I also have Pharrell and Rosie with me, if I am outside, then most likely Frick & Frack are with me, I mean how could I leave them inside right? This does limited me to running errands with them, but then we found Dog Parker.

imagine being able to run all your errands and being able to take your dog along with you, without having to tie them up outside, and worrying every second if they are okay. Side Note: NEW YORKERS, STOP DOING THIS!!!!!! (anyone could come take your dog, another dog could attack them, or something worse could happen). Dog Parker has taken all those worries away from us #crazydogladies. Dog Parker is the neighborhood dog house. This high-tech, internet- connected, safe, clean and just cute AF place to keep your fur-baby, while you run into your local Wine Shop, to get that Rosé! The Dog Parker also has thermo-controlled sensors, cooling and heating mechanism and auto sanitizing technology. So your pup will always be warm or cool, depending on weather and will be in a clean environment at all times.

Based in Brooklyn, Dog Parker Inc. was founded by Chelsea Brownridge and Todd Schechter in 2015. They have made every dog parents dream come true here in the big city. Right now they are only in Brooklyn, but with plans to expand to Manhattan and to other big cities around the United States, so y’all will all be just as obsessed as us very soon!

Basically how it works is you sign up for the Dog Parker Membership online, this cost only $25 a year, yeah that's right cheaper than Netflix people! You are then billed by the minutes, because this is intended to be used for short trips. You are billed only $0.20 a minutes. Dog Parker has a maximum time limit of 90 minutes, with current trip average being 10 minutes.

Once you are all signed up, you simply reserve a Dog Parker on your Dog Parker App. Once you arrive to your location you simply use your membership card to lock and unlock the Dog Parker. No other member can open or close the Dog Parker, once activated with your membership card, so your fur-baby is safe and sound.

The Dog Parker is spacious enough for all dogs, from your feisty chihuahua to your lap dog of a Husky. The Dog Parker app also offers users easy access to dozens of Dog Parkers and realtime web camera monitoring inside the Dog Parker! They also make sure that all members confirm that their dog has current vaccinations at sign-up, to ensure the safety of all other pets.

We are personally so obsessed with the Dog Parker, like makes me want to move to Brooklyn NOW, just to use it! We can not wait for Dog Parker to take over the world. Can you imagine being able to go anywhere from LA, to Dallas, to NYC, to Miami and knowing that every place is “dog-friendly”, I mean DREAM COME TRUE! If you are in the Brooklyn area, please do yourself a favor and sign up for Dog Parker NOW! And to all us not cool enough to make it to the big BK yet, follow Dog Parker on Instagram and keep the look out for them taking over your city soon!

“The idea for Dog Parker was inspired by my dog Winston because we love exploring the city together. We were missing out on more adventures and more walks together simply because I would be going somewhere for a few minutes where dogs aren’t allowed. The Dog Parker product has resonated with a lot of dog owners looking to take care of their dogs and with stores looking to better serve their customers,” says Chelsea Brownridge, Co-founder & CEO of Dog Parker.

Dog Parker