Should I take my dog to the vet?

Okay so I hate to say it, but I am the epitome of the hypochondriac dog mom. I mean, I am not sure if that is even a thing, but I constantly worry about Drake. Annoyingly always asking questions like, “Has that bump always been there?” or “Do you think he is acting weird?”

I have gone Google crazy trying to decipher the seriousness of a sneeze between just allergies or needing antibiotics. So yeah, that kind of crazy… you get the point.

Anyways after countless hours of worry for miscellaneous reasons, I’ve compiled a “go to” list for the moments of stress to help decide IF you do really need to seek out medical help.


Now keep in mind, you know your dog best. If you truly suspect something to be wrong, do not hesitate to call. Don’t be embarrassed, your dog is a part of the family and they have no voice of their own to complain.


Definite reasons to go to the vet:


Odd Eating Habits

Now Drake is just about the pickiest dog you’ll ever meet (totally not my fault or the leftovers I tend to share). However, picky eater or not, it can be normal for a dog to skip a meal or two. After two days of avoiding food, you should definitely contact your veterinarian!


Throwing Up

It isn’t completely uncommon for your pup to throw up occasionally. Dogs typically throw up to raid their bodies of something that may not have settled well with them. Don’t let this worry you unless it happens several times in a row OR you notice blood within the vomit, this could mean a variety of things like dehydration or worse.


Difficulty Breathing

This is a big one! Problems breathing, constant wheezing or coughing almost always signify that something is not right! It is important that if you suspect something to be stuck in your pup's throat, use caution not to lodge it deeper.


Toxic Exposure

Always play it safe! Heaven forbid your pup get a hold of something toxic do not hesitate to call a 24 hour vet in your area OR call the ASPCA animal poison control at (888) 426-4435 for immediate information on what to do.



The most consistent piece of advice that I have received when it comes to diarrhea is to wait 24 hours and see if the problem continues. Dogs lovingly get into and digest A LOT of different things and and as a result tend to have diarrhea pretty commonly. If this happens to your pup, before you fret, wait, give your dog plenty of water and withhold food for about 6 hours if possible. If your pup still has a bad poo situation, contact your doctor for further advice.



If your dog is typically energetic, it is important to take notice when he or she seems uninterested in the things that usually make their tail go wagging! Although the heat can play a role in your dog's mood and can cause fatigue, if the lethargic symptoms last longer than two days, I’d definitely contact your vet!


Traumatic Event

If your pup is involved in any sort of trauma like a car accident, dog fight or anything along those lines, always seek out medical attention. Even if you think your pup seems fine, it is possible for delayed reactions or even internal problems. In this case, it’s better to be safe than sorry!



I was scared to learn that seizures actually aren’t that uncommon in dogs. However, if one occurs and your dog has never experienced a seizure before, they need to be seen by a vet immediately! However, It might be hard to tell what a seizure truly looks like and unfortunately there are several different things that you might see. A few signs that you might see include, but are not limited to, shaking, loss of bowel, loss of consciousness or paddling legs.



It’s important as a pet owner to be observant and aware of all changes in your pups appearance and demeanor. You know your dog better than anyone, so again, if something seems off, don’t hesitate, call your vet!