Fi Collar- Tracking Your Dog's Every Step

Fi Collar GPS Gals Best Friend

Have you ever wondered how many steps your dog takes a day? Between Fitbit, iWatches or whatever technology you indulge in, your activity is constantly being monitored- telling you to GET OFF THE COUCH and do something! But, what about your dog? Sure, we take our precious pups on a walk every day... BUT do you know if they are truly getting enough exercise?

We are so excited to tell you about Fi- the newest smart collar to join the club!

We had the pleasure of testing this new technology out before it hit “the gram” and we have been dying to share it with you guys! Let’s put it this way…. you’ll never want to use another collar again.

Step Tracking

The Fitbit of the dog world! The Fi collar literally tracks every step your pup takes, even while you are away at work. My favorite part is the ability to set goals for your dog to ensure that they are getting the amount of daily exercise they need. In addition, if you happen to be one of those crazy workout moms… you can even compare scores with other dogs in your area. BRING IT ON!

GPS Tracking

Fi Collar GPS Gals Best Friend

Okay, THIS is my FAVORITE part of the Fi collar. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, GPS tracking. This allows you to know where your pup is at all times. This is great for many reasons- one being if they happen to get lost or escape the backyard. You have the ability to set “safe zones” which will immediately notify you if your dog has gotten out!

If you happen to have a hired dog walker, this feature is perfect for you. We have all heard the horrid stories about the Dog Walkers who don’t do their job. Through the Fi App, you can literally “watch” your dog on their walk and see their exact path, time and distance. Be fooled no more!

Fi Collar GPS Gals Best Friend

Extra Perks

Three-month battery life (mic drop). You charge once and forget about it! This kind of durability is unheard of. On top of that, the Fi collar is tested to be chew-proof AND water-proof (including the ocean- shout out to the coastal dog moms). However, if something does happen to go wrong, there is a 1-year warranty that comes with your purchase. Basically, they’ve thought of everything and then some.

Personal Experience

Having Drake test out the Fi collar was so much fun! I am used to tracking my own step count and daily work out so learning about Drake’s was so insightful! Whenever we go to the park I typically let Drake off the leash and I run along the path while Drake sprints every which way, chasing everything in sight. I was able to see exactly how far he runs in comparison to what I track along my footpath… and let’s just say his count was triple my own!

I recommend the Fi collar for the active dog mom, the competitive dog mom, the OCD dog mom, and even the fashionable dog mom. Basically all dog moms.

Click here to grab yours today!

Fi Collar GPS Gals Best Friend