New Puppy Must Haves

It is #nationalpuppyday and if we know our followers than we know at least 56% of you are going to get a new puppy today and we totally support that choice and we are here to cheer you on every step of the way! Although we can not physically be there for the mid-night potty breaks, emotional support for the shoes that will be chewed, the baby shark teeth that will kill your hand...we are here to tell you some of our favorite new product for you new little edition!  

Rebel Tags are some favorite tags for our pups, they are totally customizable, light-weight and quit! They are also cute AF, funny and right on point for every puppy personality!

Wagmo, this is the wellness plan that EVERY dog mom needs! You can pay as low at $10 a month and get check-ups, grooming, shots, bloodwork, preventions and so much more covered! Trust us… they stuff can add up and it can add up FAST. Wagmo helps with the blow on the wallet! Their team is also SO helpful and there for you whenever you need them!

Dog beds, the place where you will be taking an obsessive amount of photos of your new puppy having sweet puppy dreams. Us gals are pretty picky about our dog beds, we want to make sure that they are up to par with our decor and also super comfy for our fur-babes! Here are a few of our top choices for every dog mom decor! Click on the photo for more information!

If this is your first pup the subject of dog food can be very overwhelming! There are so many choices out there and it can be so hard to pick the right one. Make sure you do your research, look up recalls on brands, and know what the FIRST 3 things in the food are. All of us gals feed our pups different goods based on our dogs needs and taste. One of us does raw, one does human-grade, one goes with freeze-dried and the other premium kibble! Below are some of our top picks in each area!  Click on the photo for more information!

Treats! The one thing that gets your dog to do what you want them to do no matter what! We love trying out new treats and switching up on our pups to keep them guessing and engaged! Here are a few of our recent obsessions!  Click on the photo for more information!

Potty training. The one part of puppies we wish lasted 5 minutes and we never had to deal with it again. But thanks Pawkier, they have made puppy pads so much fun! It just helps lighten the mood when your whole house smells like well...piss.

A puppy in the bathtub might be the cutest thing ever, but picking the right grooming products for them can be hard. We trust Skout's Honor with everything we have! [ confession: we use it sometimes as well on ourselves ] their probiotic formula is soothing on your pup, good for their skin and smells like heaven.

Toys, toys, toys! Spoiling your new puppy is the best part of the whole thing. Making sure that you are their favorite thing in the whole world might come with a little bribing, and we are totally behind that! We love love LOVE Bark Shop! They have the best toys that last longer than normal big box toys because there is usually a second toy hidden once they rip apart the first part. They also come out with new collections all the time that will keep you and your dogs new IG account photos up to trend!

The fun part, accessories! There is nothing better than picking out a new cute walking set for your new fur-baby! The leash, the collar, the bandana and even the poop bag! All of it! Here are some of our favorites! Click on the photo for more information!

Okay so here is where we get real. Getting a new dog is so much fun and rainbows and unicorns for the most part. Then when you are laying in bed at night thinking about how much you love them and you all the sudden let your head go places you don't want it to go. Like WHAT if he gets out, WHAT if someone takes his cute fluffy self from the dog park when I turn my back, WHAT if he doesn't come back to me during off-leash hours, WHAT if that dog walker I thought I trusted isn't really walking him and he is stuck in the house all day while im at work. Well, that is where Fi comes in. Fi, is the new GPS smart collar that has a battery life up to 3-months between charges. The GPS location is nuts and crazy accurate, you can see where you do is at ALL times. It also tracks your pups activity, so you can make sure that you are giving your new pup enough activity every day!

Training, the part where you want to pull your hair out until they finally get that sit perfect or they master the sit pretty that you have been dying to post on IG! Dog training classes can cost a pretty penny and take a lot of time commit [we totally love training classes BTW, a great way to socialize your pup and get expert help] BUT for us dog moms that don't have that cash to shell out right off the bat or have a crazy schedule with work and kids and well dates here and there…. There is Puppr! Puppr is an all in one app that has step by step tricks from sit and stay to handstands and jump rope! The app was created by one of our favorite dog moms The Super Collies Mom!

So there it is, all of our must haves for the new puppies of 2019! If you do give in and get a new puppy this year, please consider adopting (Check out our post on 5 Reason Why) . We know, we know you might JUST want a Border Collie, or a Doodle or a GSP and we totally understand that… but the good news is there are TONS of breed specific rescues all over! So do your research and find an adoptable pup that is looking for a furever home! Check out our Save A Pup page with rescues all over the world!

{if you do decide to buy a dog from a breeder, please do HEAVY research and make sure that the breeder is a respectable breeder and is doing things the RIGHT way, taking care of their dogs and meeting all health requirements. Go and visit the breeder to make sure before getting a puppy and if you see something that looks off, even by a little. REPORT IT!}