Flowers That Are Poisonous For Your Pup

If you are anything like me, then fresh flowers in the house are a must! Although I am by no means an interior designer, I do have a certain desired “feng shui” that I try to maintain in my home. Even my lack of a green thumb has not stopped me, merely contained my love of flowers to the simplicity of a vase.

But whatever flower power you have, garden or vase, it is crucial to know that some of those beloved blossoms around your house are highly dangerous to your pup! And being that dogs are… well, dogs, and will eat almost anything, it is even more important that you not only know what plants you have, but their effects on your dog.

Now mind you, not to stress you out, but there are over 400 plants and/or flowers that are harmful to your pup. However, I am only focusing on my personal favorites and those that are most likely to be in, and around, your home. 


This plant has saved my burned skin one too many times! BUT... it will not have the same healing power over your dog. Upon consumption, symptoms might include, but are not limited to,  vomiting, depression and diarrhea. No Bueno for fido.

Bay Leaf

Although we LOVE us some bay leaves when we are cooking… if too much is ingested, these delicious plants can cause vomiting and diarrhea for your pup. 


Personally- my favorite flower! However, these beauties can cause vomiting and to scratch, itch or cough! In some intense cases, a dog has gotten so inflamed that they had a trouble swallowing.


Again, these common plants can cause more harm to your pup- vomiting and diarrhea. Keep them out of reach!


Hello spring and hello daffodils! This yellow present can give your pup terrible stomach pains and ignite vomiting. Some people have even claimed that it has cause depression in their dog in addition to heart arrhythmia. This beauty is NOT worth the risk if you ask me!


Don’t let your pooch near this floral arrangement. Although most symptoms are mild, if ingested, your pup will likely have an upset stomach along with vomiting and diarrhea.


Be careful with this one because it is used often in gardens and outdoor decor. This common flower will cause gastric irritation, lethargy, and more. If your dog is affected, you should see symptoms within a few hours of them digesting it.

Bottom line, flowers are beautiful and we all love them. So, there is no need why we shouldn't enjoy their beauty and aroma! Just be smart, be responsible and educate yourself about the floral arrangements you create or the gardens you grow.


HELLO SPRING- we’re ready for you!