Giving Your Dog A Bath- What You Need To Know

Okay, so you know the movies where the girl is bathing her dog and has her hair in a perfect topknot... All the while she’s laughing happily as her pup is covered in huge white bubbles and is sweetly shaking them all over her. Yeah. Well, that’s not real life.

Once again, movies have failed us ladies. The truth is slightly less glamorous. But, it must be done. Your pup needs to to be bathed and there is absolutely no need for you to always pay someone to do it!

Learn from me, as I have failed many times, and have finally mastered the art of giving my dog a bath!



What You Will Need

  • Shampoo- Get the right shampoo for your pup. We use Isle of Dogs Coco Clean shampoo with all organic ingredients and, not to mention, the most amazing aroma! *You want to make sure that the shampoo you have chosen for your dog doesn’t dry out their skin. This basically defeats the purpose of a bath and makes it even more unpleasant.

  • Towels- You should have at least TWO towels handy. I use old one scrap towel that I have somehow effortlessly stained! And for the other, I make sure to have my favorite dog towel handy! Let’s just say that Soggy Dog has saved my hardwood floors.

  • Dog Treats- If your dog is anything like Drake, they may need encouragement mid-bath time for being such a good boy. He personally prefers/needs Kona Chicken Jerky to survive THE bath.

  • Large cup, removable shower head OR attachable hose- Depending on where you’re bathing your pooch, what you will need to pour the water on them may differ. I prefer to use the bathtub and an attachable hose from the garden, works like a charm!

  • Cotton Balls- If your dog will allow it, this a great way to make sure you protect your pups ears during the bath. Not only is it uncomfortable for water to get in their ears, in extreme cases, it can even cause health problems.

  • Wash Cloth- You will need this to carefully wash around their eyes and ears.


Pre Rinse

  • Brush your dog- No matter the type of fur your pup has, it is crucial to do a pre-rinse brushing. For Drake, it loosens his coat to help easily remove hair during the bath.

  • Block the drain- This is a must! Learn from my mistakes and my many clogged drain disasters. It will be worth the money, trust me. (Click here for an affordable option)

  • Put in a nonslip surface- A no-slip grip is crucial so make sure your pup feels safe and at ease instead of slipping and sliding around.

  • Get the water to a slightly warm temperature-


Soaking & Scrubbing

Drake, personally, is not a fan of bath time. This is where the treats come in. After brushing him and the long and tedious efforts to corral him into the bathroom, I carefully put him inside and immediately give him a treat.

At this point, I have already gotten the water temperature right where I want it and have it coming out with low pressure. Using the attachable hose, I get his fur an all over nice soak. From the neck down, I begin by scrubbing his coat with the shampoo, making certain that I avoid his eyes, mouth and ears. My specific shampoo requires that it sits for about 3 minutes, so during this time I actually continue to brush Drake WITH the soap (this does wonders for deshedding).




Just as before, I begin from the neck down and avoid Drake’s face. It is very important that ALL of the shampoo is removed, otherwise it can cause your dog's’ skin to feel irritated and itchy.



Now this is the tricky part because they will definitely want to Shake It Off, like Taylor! I wrap the towel over Drake before I lift him from the tub, just for extra coverage from the shake (you can never be too careful- LOL)! The key is to dry as quickly and efficiently as possible. As you are finishing, make sure the bathroom door is open and get ready for some “crazy 8s” all over the house!

Bath-time may not be the easiest OR the most fun time, but it has to be done! At the very least, you’ll get some totally cute wet dog photos of your pooch!

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