Grace and Goose

Let me start by saying anyone who has ever tried to take a picture of a dog knows that…


Capturing a photo of a dog where they look just as cute as you know they are is next to impossible. Squeaky toys, treats, weird noises, us dog moms do it all to get THAT perfect picture. We understand that one Instagram deserving picture should never go unappreciated for it was one of 100 that was taken and actually “post worthy”. With all of that being said, thank goodness for Hilary! Hilary is the talent and patient hand behind the camera and more commonly known as, Grace and Goose.

Let me paint the picture of our photoshoot with Hilary. It was about 30 degrees in Dallas (the day after Christmas) at 11 o’clock in the morning and let’s just say that we did not come in quietly. Three girls, 5 dogs and a baby all came charging through her door- barking, shivering and carrying many bags! Hilary welcomed us in and immediately greeted us with such calming warmth! She was a rarity of kindness and talent as she transformed the chaos into the perfect picture! Hilary was mindful of each dogs’ personality and aware of what they needed- treats, squeakers, or just time, in order to capture a good photo!


BUT, more important than our personal experience is to hear from Hilary herself. So we asked her a few questions to help our readers get to know her and understand her history a little bit better! Enjoy!

How did you get started?
I had a wedding and portrait photography business and many of my clients began booking sessions for their dogs. I fell in love with photographing animals and knew I needed to do more!

Tell us about your pups!
Seamus and Goose are both rescues! I adopted Seamus when I was in college and he has brought me so much joy. I remember feeling excited and terrified when he hopped into my car for the first time. He is a yellow mutt with a huge personality-- He is smart, quirky, energetic, and high-maintenance. We have a really special bond.

My husband and I adopted Goose (short for Gustav) a couple of years ago. He is a black lab mix and the sweetest, most gentle dog you'll ever meet. We were thinking about adopting another dog and a friend of mine who was fostering Goose called and told me I NEEDED to take him. She was right. He is an angel! He loves snuggling, swimming, and eating taco bell.

What and who influence your work?
My parents were big William Wegman fans when I was growing up and I remember going to a gallery show of his as a child. I have always loved his work his photographs have certainly influenced my portfolio!

What keeps you inspired?
All of the dogs that come into my studio! Every personality is so different and I find so much joy in learning the quirks of each dog. My studio is so full of laughter and chaos. It is impossible not to be inspired!

Grace and Goose is perfect for anyone looking to showcase their pup! The simple and modern portraits she creates are perfect for all of your dog crazy needs. Whether you’re looking for a centerpiece above your couch, a new Instagram shot or to simply spoil your pooch, her style is ideal for it all. Contact Grace and Goose to set up your photoshoot today!

...Not in Dallas, don’t fret! Hilary and her husband often travel around the country and love any excuse for a get-away!

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