Hook & Loom - Gorgeous, Cozy, Durable, Earth-Friendly Rugs

Allow your pup to sink his/her paws into the cheerful comfort of Hook & Loom rugs. These rugs can make the most blah room feel cozy and inviting. They’re dog-friendly, baby-friendly, earth-friendly, and use NO latex, chemicals, or dyes!!! We’ve the rug jackpot, ladies!

Washable rugs are all the rage right now. So how do you know you've found a good one? How do you choose with all the companies out there? Well, let me tell you about Hook & Loom to help the process.


Hook & Loom uses a unique and innovative process to create their colored yarns from recovered (upcycled) textile fibers. They hand-weave their cotton rugs with LOTS of love for our family members to ensure a cozy and delightful room.

And the best thing about these super soft yet durable rugs (besides how beautiful and earth-friendly they are)? They are MACHINE WASHABLE! This is a DREAM COME TRUE for a gal with tiny humans and fur babies running around causing messes and mayhem! They last for years and won’t bleed or fade in the wash, so you truly get more than your money’s worth when purchasing from Hook & Loom.


Hook & Loom believes that wool is safest for our families and the most beautiful for our homes when they’re displayed just as they would be found in nature. No adulterants. No dangerous off-gassing. Just hand-woven, hand-bound wool. (Couldn’t agree more!) They only use natural color variations sheep and then hand-woven into gorgeous patterns and made into reversible flat woven rugs.

This company is more than just words. They always search out the most Earth-friendly way to make their rugs and that means a better environment for our tiny humans and fur babies. Hook & Look always searches for ways to lower their environmental impact, attempting to inspire others in the industry to do the same. That’s what we need! We need people who aren’t afraid to say, “HEY! YOU’RE HURTING THE ENVIRONMENT! OUR WAY WORKS AND WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO TRY IT FOR THE SAKE OF MANKIND!”


For Hook & Loom, Earth-friendly not only means caring for air, water, and soil, but also for people. To that end, they will always place a strong emphasis on a safe and fair working environment. They respect their employees and their unique talents, and will always treat them with compassion. Hook & Loom employees (and employees of their partners) will be fairly paid and considerately managed. They are (and will always be) of legal age, and will never be bound by unfair work contracts.

Purchase your baby-friendly, pet-friendly Hook & Loom rug here and let me be the first to say, “WELCOME TO THE HOOK & LOOM FAMILY!”. They share our passion for the planet and everyone on it!

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