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Ochoa Photography - The Greatest Investment for Lifetime Memories

Every year, our readers ask who our favorite pet photographers are. So all year long, we search high and low to find you the best photographers in the US! This year, we are ecstatic to introduce you to Ochoa Photography! You will be absolutely amazed at this portfolio, ladies. Prepare yourselves.

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Lorena Canals - The Most Beautiful, Dog-Friendly Decor

Spilled drink, puppy accident, muddy paw prints, baby food RIGHT in the middle of your beautiful area rug. You rush to the sink to grab cleaner and a hand towel but the damage is already done. That stain just won’t come out. Well, DON’T WORRY LADIES!!! I’ve found the most beautiful home accessories that are machine washable.

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Darwin's Raw Dog Food: The First Look

Here is our first impression of Darwin’s Natural Pet Products; a line of raw dog food! Check out their 3 different lines of food, based on your dog’s health needs and YOUR financial needs! With a few different tiers of food, 5 different sources of protein, and home delivery, you’ll be sure to find the best and most convenient food possible!

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