Dog Obsessed with iCanvas

If you are a crazy dog mom like all of us gals, things can get kind of hard when it comes to decorating your home. Like, you want to show your love of dogs in every room but you also don't want the new beau to come over for the first time and think you need to be on medication because you basically live in a shrine to the canine population.

All of us gals are very into what our homes look like (call us frivolous or call us chic… we will gladly accept both titles) and want to make sure that both we and our dogs are equally represented in our homes. We also want to make it very clear that if you don't like dogs that you should probably go next door to the cat lady. It can be hard to mix new art pieces into your home decor and it can be even harder when you are trying not be that over-the-top dog mom (holla at your gals). That is why we are in love with iCanvas! Not only do they have over 1,000+ art pieces to pick from but they have almost every breed represented in their artwork that is done by artists all over the world. There is something for every artistic eye and every dog lover. Whether you are you into watercolors and mod podge pieces or real photography and black and white graphics, there is literally something for everyone.

We gals have pulled together some of our favorite pieces! If you are looking for museum quality artwork that represents your love for fur-babes, then do yourself a huge favor and check out iCanvas. We promise you will be just as obsessed as we are!

Megan’s Picks

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