Little L's - Must Have, All Natural, Dog Treats

Does anyone else have a picky eater on their hands?

Let me just tell you! Each night, I will work so hard to create a gourmet meal for Drake- pouring organic bone broth, mixed with baked chicken, all on top of his grain-free, super (expensive) delicious chicken small bites! And yet, this dog of mine has the audacity to turn up his nose and literally walk away. That’s right y’all, Drake is…. PICKY. I guess I have no one to blame besides myself, but that’s not the reason I’m telling you this. I’m writing to highlight my meal-time life savor, Little L’s.

Gal's Best Friend Dog Treats

This New York based company has created human-grade food boosters that have Drake inhaling his food like never before. Amongst their kibble toppers, they have a small variety of “healthy, wholesome and all natural human-grade” dog treats that have completely spoiled my pups! Let me put it this way… their treats have been nicknamed “puppy crack” by dog parents all over!

What’s inside this yummy goodness?

Little L’s focuses on the important qualities of dog treats because they really understand the necessity of keeping our pups healthy. All of their products are made from human-grade poultry and meat with NO additives, NO artificial coloring, and NO fillings. In addition, everything is grain, soy, and sugar-free and are even safe for pups with sensitive tummies!

Gal's Best Friend Dog Treats
Gals Best Friend Dog Treats

My favorite thing about Little L’s, besides the trustworthy quality ingredients, is that everything is produced in small batches to ensure QUALITY. This is not a company that is mass producing a zillion products. They keep it small to they keep it pure!

Basically- Little L’s treats and food boosters are the best stocking stuffers for that pup of yours!

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