Treat Dreams

As girls, we are naturally drawn to clothing and fashion. It doesn’t matter if you dread going to the mall or are certifiably a shop-a-holic, every girl notices a “cute outfit” when they see one. But as crazy dog girls, we are even more enticed by a cute outfit when it is dog related. It’s something about the cute font mixed with the clever dog phrasing that make our hearts flutter. And, as cheesy as it may sound, Treat Dreams has made my heart flutter, for more reasons that one!

How it started

Upon discovering Treat Dreams and getting to know them, I was overcome with inspiration when I learned about how a simple baking passion turned into a crazy success story! Since I initially fell in love with only their apparel, I had no idea about the initial path of the company and how the name “Treat Dreams” came to be.

Well, remember a few years ago, whenever facts were finally coming out to dispute the credibility of dog food companies and question their ingredients? Treat Dreams, being dog owners and lovers themselves, decided to take matters into their own hands, and started creating NATURAL dog treat recipe that people could trust.

The Shift


How Treat Dreams began is beautifully compelling, but what it has evolved into is something that us as dog lovers can attach our souls to! After all of the success their bakery was having, they still yearned for more! She told me about how she had recently fostered two litters of puppies and was sadly awoken to world of neglected, unwanted and abused dogs all over the country. As a result she began designing shirts in hopes to raise money for the cause and BOOM, the phrase “Namast’ay Home With My Dog” was born! Today Treat Dreams has a wide variety of creative and famous quotes for every type of dog mom out there!

The Impact


Since the creation of the alluring slogan, that every dog mom can relate to, Treat Dreams has taken off! This phrase has been vital to their brand and more importantly, their cause! Their success has allowed them to give back more than they ever thought possible. Each month they choose a different dog rescue group to work with and since starting, have donated over $10,000 to different organizations in need! They even were able to help fund a plane of dogs, through Fido A Flight, set to be euthanized in Oklahoma and send them to Washington for their happily ever after! Basically, this company is my role model!

The future

"Clever Dog Shirts For A DOGgone Good Cause"

It is this rare find in a company that reminds us of the real reason we are all here… to make a difference! Us as dog lovers have to help those dogs who have yet to feel the love that we give to our own pups everyday! Treat Dreams is a company after my own heart and I am so excited to share them with all of our readers!

So tonight as you are sitting on the couch and thinking, “Namast’ay Home With My Dog”, visit Treat Dreams The Dog Bakery and feed your shopping addiction, validated by Christmas, and find the perfect present for your bestie AND yourself!


IG: @treatdreams